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Displays Your Top Products in Top Style With Magento Featured Product Extension!

Every store has a special product or something special to offer to its customers. Magento featured product extension allows you to highlight your top products in a more appealing manner. This feature will let your customer differentiate between your ordinary products and best products. The attractive look of your featured products will create a positive impression in the mind of your customer.



The Magento Featured Product extension will give you the facility to showcase your site’s best products in a different attractive design format giving them a different overall look as compared to other products on the site.

It is also very handy when you want to feature some of your products in different categories in the attractive layout such as recently added products, top-rated products, most reviewed items, etc.


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Extension Key Features

  1. Mobile friendly design.
  2. Easily install and use.
  3. Allow displaying featured products on any pages only with the shortcode.
  4. Allow you easily to adjust products slider as what you want or fit with your website through the backend.
  5. Compatible with all Magento Versions.
  6. Easily Manage By Backend.
  7. Works with all Magento Versions.
  8. Easy Installation and Ready to use.
  9. Enable / Disable Functionality from back-end.
  10. Allow you to change the “Featured Product” title.
  11. Allow you to change the number of featured products to be shown.
  12. You can set the product number displayed on slides.
  13. Enable/Disable Auto slide option.
  14. Show/Hide navigation buttons.
  15. Directly Add to cart option is available from Featured Product.

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How to Install Magento Featured Product?

  1. Extract the ZIP file.
  2. just upload to your Magento root directory.
  3. Refresh your cache.
  4. Relogin admin panel.
  5. Go to system> configuration >> Metizsoft Extension >> Featured Product >> Enable Feature Product Extension.

Add the Frontend Featured Product Slider

This extension gives the ability to show featured product block in cms pages or HTML. If you want to show in any other cms page or static block then you can easily add by:

{{block type=’imageslider/imageslider’ template=’metizsoftslider/metizsoftslider.phtml’}}

Add the Permission Block: Configure Permission Block: System > Permissions > Blocks > Add New Block.

Block Name = imageslider/imageslider

Is Allow = Yes.


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