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Exit Screen Pop-up


Display Exclusive Offers on a pop-up when the customer Exit our website.




Display Exclusive Offers on a pop-up when the customer exit your website.

Exit Screen Pop-up extension is the best way of displaying last moment offers and discount vouchers to your potential customers who are on the verge of exiting your website.

Appealing and attractive pop-up window can be shown immediately to your customers when they plan to scroll out of your website window. The last moment offers net you the better deal and can bring business success.

This extension is very useful in optimizing store conversion rate and converting visitors into buyers. Exit Screen Pop-up will help you to quickly draw people into your store and get more sales or at least email subscribers.


Extension Key Features

  1. Easy to integrate and manage.
  2. Used to display a quick exit window pop-up when your visitor intends to close the window.
  3. Offers a second opportunity to convert your visitor to a buyer.
  4. Admin will have the capability to control the pages where the pop-up window should appear.
  5. Admin has full control over the content to be displayed in the pop-up and also set the pop-up design from the static block.
  6. No technical knowledge required to set up.
  7. A module can be easily managed through back-end.
  8. Enable/Disable button by the back-end.
  9. Pop-up can be displayed on selected pages.
  10. Cookie Interval set by the back-end.
  11. Pop-Up Width, Pop-Up Height can be modified as per need.
  12. Compatible with all Magento Versions.

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How to Install Magento Exit Screen Popup Extension?

  1. Download the zip and extract it.
  2. just upload to your Magento root directory.
  3. Refresh your cache.
  4. Relogin admin panel.
  5. Go to system> configuration >Metizsoft Extensions > Exit Screen Pop-Up.


Make sure template file and layout file is copied in your correct theme folder structure.


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