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Magento Banner Slider


Amazing Responsive Magento Banner Slider Extension Full width with Effects & Multiple Options.




Amazing Responsive Magento Banner Slider Extension Full width with effects and multiple options.

If you’re an online store owner, you can do this with an impressive banner. Most of the visitors coming to an online store pay attention to banners first. That’s why many stores use effective and attractive banners for marketing and advertising to grab customer’s attention.

Thus, we are introducing this amazing Magento extension- Banner Slider. It will help you to create or add a banner slider to showcase URL, images, products or any other promotional offers on the home page or on any other page in your Magento store. It is very easy to use and customize.

It works on desktops, mobiles devices as well as on tablets. That means it is fully responsive and very versatile by nature which replaces your boring banners with more attractive ones. Of course, it is compatible with all known browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and more.


User: admin
Pwd: admin123

Extension Key Features:

  1. Easy to install, configure and manage.
  2. You can import images from files.
  3. Enable / Disable Functionality from back-end.
  4. Create/Edit/Delete numbers of banners.
  5. You can add a banner with the title & description.
  6. Get an option to set width and height of the image as well as the banner.
  7. Set a specific sliding time as per need.
  8. Set sort order of each slide.
  9. Show/Hide pagination on the specific slider.
  10. Allow you to customize the color of navigation.
  11. Allow you to change the background color, text color of title and description
  12. Get 25+ image styles .
  13. Enable/Disable Progress Bar as well as you can change its color.
  14. Cross-browser compatible and fully responsive.
  15. Smooth transition slides.
  16. Simple CSS and layout
  17. Add captions and provide many fields to change the caption styles (color, size etc)
  18. Add Loader Bar (you can also change its color)
  19. Enable/Disable Autoplay Configuration
  20. Allow you to change animation and effects
  21. Show/Hide Navigation buttons and also changes its color.
  22. Whenever any image or banner is added, some of the fields such as navigation buttons are automatically updated.
  23. Add links to Slide images

For any questions concerning free extensions or themes, please turn to the respective User Guide

How to Install Magento Banner Slider?

  1. Extract zip file.
  2. just upload to your Magento root directory.
  3. Refresh your cache.
  4. Re-login admin panel.
  5. Go to system> configuration > Metizsoft Extension > Easy Banner Slider. Set the Configuration Here.


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