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PhoneGap App Development Services

PhoneGap App Development

Metizsoft acknowledges the power of PhoneGap and offers genuine PhoneGap Application Development services to its worldwide clients at affordable prices. PhoneGap development one of the open source framework has its own irresistible charm for developing hybrid mobile applications of various types. Today, many mobile application development platforms are using this framework. Our developers are extremely passionate and proficient in their work to deliver outstanding custom PhoneGap App Development.

Advantages of Phonegap Development

Phonegap development

Developing an application using the framework proves economical as it is open sourced.

Phonegap development

It offers unmatched compatibility with other popular platforms like Firefox, Symbian, Android, Windows Phone and many more.

Phonegap development

Saves time as now you can build applications for iOS, Blackberry or Android with only one time code.

Phonegap development

There is no need to add any complex language like Objective C to develop PhoneGap Applications.

Why Use Phonegap?

Cost Effective

Allows cross-platform compatability to cut down costs

Native Interface

Controls of Native UI and platforms

High Performance

C# writing code ensures smooth sharing of apps

Automated Testing

Test Cloud enables automatic testing on apps


Stay up-to-date with latest iOS and Android features


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