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Metizsoft acknowledges the power of PhoneGap and offers genuine PhoneGap Development services to its worldwide clients at affordable prices. Phonegap development one of the open source framework has its own irresistible charm for developing hybrid mobile applications of various types. Today, many mobile application development platforms are using this framework. Our developers are extremely passionate and proficient in their work to deliver outstanding custom Phonegap App Solutions.

Don’t Forget To Avail The Advantages You Can Get

Phonegap is known for various reasons and let’s have a look at few of advantages offered by Phonegap application development –

  • Developing an application using the framework proves economical as it is open sourced.
  • It offers unmatched compatibility with other popular platforms like Firefox, Symbian, Android, Windows Phone and many more.
  • Saves time as now you can build applications for iOS, Blackberry or Android with only one time code.
  • Interact excellently with functionalities of hardware by supporting advance technology.
  • Allows seamless integration with third party APIs.
  • There is no need to add any complex language like Objective C to develop PhoneGap Applications.

Famous Apps Developed Using Phonegap – Mobile Cross-Platform Developer

Many apps developed by PhoneGap have become immensely popular among users and among them, some of are listed below:

  • Sea Web – available over Apple Store and Blackberry App World
  • Vodafone McLaren F1 – available over Apple Store
  • Harmonious – available over Apple Store
  • Palladio – available over Apple Store
  • Wikipedia – available over Google Play Store
  • Mavericks – available over Google Play Store

The best part is that all these apps developed via PhoneGap are completely diverse in nature. For example, the Sea Web app is exclusively for maritime professionals while the Wikipedia app offers a free encyclopedia and can benefit any student, professional or homemaker to enhance knowledge.

Highlights Of Metisoft Phonegap Development Services

PhoneGap Development service has emerged as custom cross platform mobile application development service and our array of services are not limited to the following ones.

  • Customized PhoneGap Development as per the business objectives
  • Availability of different hiring modules for hiring a PhoneGap Developer
  • Development of excellent plugins using PhoneGap
  • Creation of mobile versions of any existing online business
  • Redesigning any existing mobile application

How We Stand Out From Crowd?

There are an array of reasons, because of which our firm is a preferred for PhoneGap Development.

  • We have fabulous team of dedicated PhoneGap Developers equipped with knowledge of CSS, HTML 5, JavaScript, JQuery, etc.
  • Rigorous testing of applications and successful porting for diverse mobile platforms.
  • Confidentiality of the entire project and complete transparency during the project development
  • Technical support round the clock and maintenance by experts
  • Development of mobile applications in compliance to the W3C technologies and standards

To know more about our PhoneGap development services or to get an instant Phonegap package, don’t hesitate to call us at +91 79 403 047 24 anytime. Our representatives will soon get back to you to know your exact objectives and expectations.


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