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An effortless
GDPR cookie management app
for your customers

GDPR cookie management app

Here are some of the stunning features of
this EU cookie compiler app

Cookie tracking feature 

Cookie tracking feature

This cookie compiler app has a cookie consent and tracking feature like Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics, Google tag manager and google AdWords.

Legal Compliance 

Legal Compliance

This feature of the app helps in bringing your store to local compliance in just a few minutes with much efforts and in-depth knowledge.

fully customizable 

It is fully customizable

This cookie compiler app from Shopify is known for easy customization and also easy setup of third party cookies.

Here are the different plans of cookie compiler app and their pricing.

Free version

  • It is partner-friendly
  • It includes all the essential functions
  • This plan is free until you update to a higher plan

Basic Plan $2.99/month

  • It supports unlimited requests
  • Has 100% GDPR compliant
  • It is fully customizable
  • It includes white-listing.

Advanced Plan $7.99/month

  • Unlimited requests
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Fully customizable
  • It includes white-listing

Plus Plan $14.99/month

  • It supports unlimited requests
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Fully customizable
  • White-listing included

Some most frequently
asked questions.

Why should we choose the EU cookie compiler?

EU cookie compiler is one of the most effortless app out there, which has easy installation and requires no editing. It is a great app that works with any kind of theme.

What does this app exactly do?

This app will add a cookie banner to the top or bottom of all the pages on your website and notify the visitors about your cookie policy. It will also allow you to record which cookies your site uses and displays a list of those cookies neatly.

Does this app block all cookies?

No, this app restricts the cookies by loading the scripts optionally. It is not possible to completely block all the cookies without updating all the cookies in some way.

Do visitors have to accept/ refuse cookies to use websites?

No, only the necessary cookies will be loaded till the users give their consent.

Will I get a free trial of this app?

Yes, we provide a 7-day free trial of this app. You can install the app today.

What additional features does GDPR Cookie Compiler app support?

features  Screenshort
  • The app is highly responsive with optimized CSS and fits any browser
  • Customers can easily hide the banner.
  • Customers can use the contents in the banner the way they like it.
  • This app respects the privacy of visitors.
  • Customize the cookie style, so it blends with the theme of the website
  • Make the cookie bar disappear from the website after a few seconds
  • Put the cookie banner either in the header or footer
  • Receive in-depth GDPR finding reports

Hear from what other
people had to say.

Healthy Squeeze UK

Very good app easy and customizable and the customer support is excellent! I truly recommend the app

Healthy Squeeze UK

Healthy Squeeze UK 5 star


Very useful app. Very helpful and kind developers, I needed a change and they got back to me right away. They modified according to the required needs 5 stars you deserve.


HIPOK 5 star


GDPR Cookie Compiler is a nice app and very simple to install and edit.
Thank guys you did a great job!


Kollamedia 5 star

Indulgent Bathing

Very prompt response time and great level of customer service. Nice to know they’re available to help anytime.

Indulgent Bathing

Indulgent Bathing 5 star

Floor Studio NDSM

Really lovely app. Thank you very much for developing it and share it for free!! Good job! It is super useful!

Floor Studio NDSM

Floor Studio NDSM 5 star


Easy to install and use. Very friendly and professional support as well. Definitely recommend this apps.


Chubibi 5 star

30k downloads and
counting onwards.

Have a look at what’s
inside the app.

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