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Field Force Tracking App

Manage & Track your On-Field Workforce efficiently in Real-Time.

On-field employee tracking has become a significant necessity for any business that employs sales or service people. MTracker – A best Field Force Tracking App allows a business manager to stay update about employee schedule and distance traveled for a day.

Field Force Tracking System also helps the manager to be aware of the meeting time spent by an employee across various clients. GPS based Sales Employee Tracking System features allow the business to auto-generate dynamic reports from the data collected in the Field force tracking GPS based mobile app.

Besides tracking the location of your field staff the app offers sophisticated ways to track and measure their daily on-job activities as well.

Sales Force tracking app helps the business manager to locate sales persons on the map which would help the manager to guide the salesperson to visit new clients nearby the place of employee location.

How it Works

What do you need to know? Order status!
Live Order Submission & Tracking System from Fields by Dealers & sales representative.

The order will be booked by the Sales executive on the behalf of the dealer.

For Security, the order will be booked by the name of the dealer with the reference name of the Sales Executive for the information.

After the availably of product in stock, confirmation will be made by General Manager.

Stock and production-management will be done internally by the warehouse & production manager.

Warehouse manager and production manager then will deliver the order based on the booking (Note: Order will be in bulk).

Order Report status will let General Manager know about pending order and completed order.
Know your pocket value
Get the live Update on Payment Collection from Fields

Payment will be collected from the dealer by sales executive through cash or cheque based on the pending status of the dealer.

Once the cheque or cash is received at the finance department, a notification message will be sent to dealer automatically

It will display the 90 Days period or payment policy period and Credit limit of Customer.
Information is key to increase business size.
Automatically daily and monthly sales representative. reporting for Sales & Expense

A sales executive will add the daily schedule for meeting with

Order booking other information details will be uploaded by the sales executive.

Sales executive submit the daily route and distance traveled, turn to monthly traveling report
When money stays in the right hand, it gets multiple.
Simply Sales Representative. Expense tracking

Expense Management based on the trips for the smart expense

Business Visits expense will have a higher expense structure like food & hotel accommodation.

For Local Visits, it will include basic expense for a day like petrol & snacks.
Time is Money, so never miss your field updates.
Live position tracking of sales representative.

Field agent tracking will be made via Pedometer which will be connected with be connected to the backend system.

The position of the field agent will be updated after every 20-minute

A calculation between the agent data and backend system data will be made to match the figures.

If there is a big difference between both the data then deep tracking analysis will be carried.