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Java is an object oriented language with a syntax that is very similar to that of C++. The important features of the language from a security standpoint are the use of access control for variables and methods within classes, the safety of the type system, the lack of pointers as a language data type, the use of garbage collection (automatic memory de-allocation), and the use of packages with distinct namespaces. The team helps deliver solutions for a wide range of industries, inclusive of e-commerce, automotive, telecommunications, finance and accounting, media & entertainment, healthcare and software product development

Team That Adds Value

Metizsoft Java team is comprised of skilled and experienced business analysts and developers including Sun Certified Professionals.

Research & Development Center

Metizsoft has a dedicated Java R&D Center that constantly researches the latest technologies, frameworks and components

Long-Term Partnership Focus

Metizsoft aims to be a long-term partner for its customers by delivering all around continuous servicing and wide domain expertise for Java development projects

Flexible Engagement Models

Metizsoft cares about customers’ investments in development projects and offers the most flexible and adaptive engagement models for complete transparent service-level agreements


The Metizsoft Java Experts possess technological skills that cover a great number of application servers, frameworks, databases, libraries, components and technologies. The team carefully analyzes business requirements and ensures that customers gain an optimal technology for the required solution. To handle your project in the most cost-effective way, the team is able to apply RUP, Agile (Scrum, FDD, XP) and V-Model project management/development methodologies depending on project type and priorities

The Java Development at Metizsoft is robust experience in Java web Development with CMS. The Java Development at Metizsoft provides executable content. The user, instead of just choosing and observing various types of content, is enabled to participate in the creation of what is observed. Like the FAST Expeditions, the Java Development at Metizsoft enables the transmission of directives for building images (or other media) rather than a pixel-by-pixel image. Thus, transmission times are short. Quick transmission of the building blocks of content enables “real-time” interaction between user and content. Some examples: Our Java applets can create:


Java Features

  • Stamped Locks
  • Concurrent Address
  • Parallel Sorting
  • Switching to the new Date API
  • Controlling OS Processes
  • Exact Numeric Operations
  • Secure Random Generation
  • Optional References

Why You Should Hire Us

The Java Development at Metizsoft additionally offers packages for Server programming too; with its latest Java EE- Java Enterprise Edition. Our developers customized Java SDK containing Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server and you would have the server with the functionality at par in experience for your patrons.

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