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Allows the customers to add favorite items to the wishlist

easy wishlist

Some of the significant features of the
Easy Wishlist app

easy to use

It is easy to use

The easy wishlist plugin by Metizsoft is relatively easy to use, and the wishlist can be created with just a few easy steps. It is super easy to set up this plugin, and even a non-developer can easily install and use this plugin.

No login/registration required

No login/registration required

You don’t need any login or registration to use this plugin. This plugin helps you to create the list and retain the customers without any login or signup process.

Editing the wishlist is easy

Editing the wishlist is easy

With this plugin, any customer can easily create an unlimited number of wish lists across multiple stores and add, remove, or move products from one list to another.

Let’s discuss the pricing of the
easy wishlist app.

Standard Plan

  • Pricing of the Easy Wishlist app starts at $2.99/ month. You will also get a free 7-day trial to use this plugin.

Some most frequently
asked questions.

Will this plugin help in reducing cart abandonment?

Yes, this plugin will help the merchants reduce shopping cart abandonment by reminding them about the drop in price of the products they have left in their shopping carts.

Will we get a free trial for this plugin?

Yes, you will get a 7-day free trial to use this plugin and make up your mind to install it after that.

Does the plugin allow sharing the products with others?

Yes, the plugin allows you to share the products of the website directly on various social networks and list the address to copy and paste everywhere.

What additional features does Easy Wishlist app support?

easy wishlist features
  • Customers can create an unlimited number of wishlists
  • No login required
  • Share the products with others easily
  • Easily editing the wishlist
  • Allows the customers to create wishlists
  • Seamless integration of the plugin with store/li>
  • Get the analytics of the products
  • Know which products are liked the most by customers

Hear from what other
people had to say.

Ecolo Luca

I installed the free wishlist little heart and it works very well.

Ecolo Luca

Ecolo Luca 5star


The functionality of the app is nice and it’s fairly easy to install, although I do wish it was easier to change the “add to wishlist” button. It’s default is a subtle heart that doesn’t really explain what it does, so I’m not seeing a lot of use, unfortunately. I do like how it saves each customer’s carts individually, but it would be nice to see “share to social media” buttons for easier use.


Quetzall 5star

Shopnonstop Nl

Great app, and great support. For some reason the page wasn’t showing up properly with my theme, but it was fixed within a day.

Shopnonstop Nl

Shopnonstop Nl 5star

Tenn Outdoors

Very easy and simple to use and setup. No criticism as such, but would be nice to see things like stats(how many have added what) and maybe the option to tweak the icon(increase size/add text) to make it a bit more obvious as to where it is and what it is.

Tenn Outdoors

Tenn Outdoors 5star

Madera Ph

Excellent, Good for small shop owners like me. I enjoy using it

Madera Ph

Madera Ph 5star

The Apparel Effect

This is exactly what I was looking for – the app is perfect for my store! Manthan provided superb customer service with immediate replies to my queries. It was simple to install and looks great on my store. An extra bonus was that I managed to get it for completely free. I would highly recommend this app for any webstore owner that wants to add a wishlist to improve customer experience.

The Apparel Effect

The Apparel Effect 5star

30k downloads and
counting onwards.

Have a look at what’s
inside the app.

easy wishlist screenshot 1
easy wishlist screenshot 2

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