Easily shows
Notification Bars in different countries and different pages.

country based announcement bar

Attractive features of the
Country Based Announce Bar app.

Country wise display bar

Country-wise display bar

This is probably one of the best features of the Country-based announce bar. This feature allows the business owners to display the offer related information on selected countries or all countries. The offers and discounts will be applicable in all the countries you choose.

Special offers

Special offers

With this announce bar’s help, the business owner can display special offers, discounts code, events, and other information to your customers in different countries easily.

notice bar in the selected pages

Assign notice bar in the selected pages

With this app, you can display the notification bar on different pages of the site like the home page, collection page, product page, or custom page.

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Country Based Announce Bar app

Free Plan

  • Country-based announce bar by Metizsoft Solutions is absolutely free to download. You can install this app free of cost and start using it right away.

Some most frequently
asked questions.

What does this app exactly do?

This app is for all those business owners who want to display offers and discounts in multiple countries. This app makes sure that the users of all the countries will be able to view the offers.

Can we customize this app as per our needs?

Yes, we allow the customization of the app. This app can be customized as per your business needs and the design of your site.

Is this app free to install?

Yes, the announce bar Shopify app by Metizsoft Solutions is free to download. It is absolutely cost-free.

What additional features does Country Based Announce Bar app support?

features of country based announcement bar app
  • Custom support.
  • Multiple bars show.
  • Different bars on different pages.
  • Announce bars on different pages.
  • Announce bar opacity.
  • Selected time display announce bar.
  • Announce bar display time.
  • Button settings in announce bar.
  • Customized text.
  • Bar style settings.

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Customers who purchased outside the US kept complaining about shipping times. With this plugin customers from outside the US see a banner at the top of the site with a link to a blog post explaining what to expect. It’s reduced the complaints from foreign customers to zero.


3DUPfitters 5star

Developer jumped right away to provide direct help which was amazing. I’m really impressed. As for the app itself – it’s almost perfect. Only two things I would kind of like to do is not have a button and a link and to be able to have several ‘bars’ so one for EU, one for US etc.. but it works for my needs now.

Jamy Jams

Jamy Jams 5star

Boutique Sweet Birdie

I am very happy to have this country based announcement bar. It would be nicer if they can offer multiple bars in the future. Thank you very much!

Boutique Sweet Birdie

Boutique Sweet Birdie 5star

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country based announcement bar screenshot 1
country based announcement bar screenshot 1

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