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Typo3 is free and open source content management system. It is very powerful and expanded CMS, it is a very advanced script. The main goal for the development of Typo3 was modularity and diversity, because of this it is a very good script for creating company pages or big news sites. There are thousands of extensions are available, which are easy and simple to install. The functionalities of the web application can be expanded by additional image galleries, discussion boards, internet shopping etc. Some system allows only one administration, whereas Typo3 allows giving all kind of permission to the user as per need so that user can access content like a simple user or can modify like admin. Typo3 have plenty of documentation as well a discussion board. Also, there are many information and help concerning use modification of the script.

Typo3 script allows creation of many elements like static HTML with dynamic content in it. The biggest advantage of Typo3 is that it has the ability to set a page structure without pre-fixed orders of blocks, sections or articles. Many types of content can be defined in Typo3 that gives lots of control over page layout when you add images, forms, tables, multimedia or just plain text.

Why Choose Typo3?

Open Source

HTML5 + Mobile Ready

Mobile Device Preview

Safety First

Responsive Image Rendering

Multisite Management

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