Artliving – Online Home Decor Shop


The Artiliving app is an online gallery and home decor to buy and sell art and crafts. Customer can buy Paintings, Photography, Sculptures, Prints, Carpets, Pottery and other Art/Crafts online through app. The app not only help buyer to buy artistic items, it also help an artist to sell his/her art online by uploading photos in Artiliving. It is a multi-vendor app.

The site will offer all forms of selected art/crafts from artists all around the world. Not only artwork, you can also buy jewelry, accessories, watches, gifts and other items. Along with collection of artwork, app also provides the benefit to place order online and get the artwork at your doorstep.



The design of the app is very simple and intuitive. With a robust design, Artiliving app delivers the outstanding user experience.


Artiliving is an app for Art & Craft and Home Decor.

Client Requirement:

Our client decided to develop an app to help artists to showcase and sell their artwork online. They also want that people buy the best artistic items to make their home, offices or any space beautiful and elegant. Some of their requirements are:

  • Artist can upload their art
  • Buyer can select artwork and place order
  • Payment gateway
  • Currency converter
  • Fulfillment of order


  • Multi-vendor
    Using Shopify as an eCommerce platform, it was a difficult task to implement the multi-vendor interface.
  • Currency converter
    Customers are from any country and need to check the price of any item according to the currency they used. To convert price according to currency used was a little bit challenging.
  • Payment Gateway
    As we mentioned above, it’s a multi-vendor app and customer can pick items from different artists at the same time. In this case, it was difficult to divide payments between multiple artists from a single buyer
  • Customization
    It was a bit challenging to customize the application using Shopify as an eCommerce platform. Selection of appropriate theme and design to develop this app was a tough job.


We provided solutions for the above problems with the help of the following features:

  • Multi-Vendor Marketplace plug-inwe use this plug-in to implement the multi-vendor interface in the app which allows the sellers to create their profile and manage products
  • Currency-picker snippet: we’ve created our currency-picker snippet (small piece of code) that allows the customers to view prices in different currencies.
  • PayUbiz: we integrate PayUbiz as a payment gateway in Artiliving application, so that customer can pay online using their credit card, debit card, and another card.
  • Supply themewe use Supply Shopify theme to customize application which makes app quick and easy to browse through all the categories and products.


We delivered an amazing Artiliving app with a beautiful and attractive UI. The app came out well with its flawless functionalities and features. The app has proved to be extremely useful for both artists and art lovers.