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What is CodeIgniter Framework, and How does It Works? Top Features and Benefits Explained!

The increasing demand for websites and apps has led to vast improvements in programming languages and frameworks. And why not? In today’s time, web apps have become the prime source and medium for smooth digital business functioning. In contrast, business owners are wasting no time approaching web development companies to develop user and mobile-friendly websites to fulfill their business requirements.

However, there are numerous programming frameworks available that developers use to build dynamic websites. But recently, the CodeIgniter framework has become more popular amongst web development enterprises because of its stability and performance.

In this blog, we have described its concept in the best ways possible to understand better why you choose this framework for your web development in 2022.

What is CodeIgniter Framework?

CodeIgniter belongs to the PHP MVC (Model View Controller) category, in which developers develop complex websites. Since its initial release in February 2006 by EllisLab, it has continuously evolved to furnish modern web applications.

CodeIgniter comes with many advanced libraries, plug-ins, helpers, and other sources facilitating several complex functions and processes.

CodeIgniter simplifies PHP syntax and streamlines application source code on your web pages, which automatically reduces the development process while making interactive and easy-to-navigate websites.

CodeIgniter New Features

Well, it’s the features of any modern-day web framework that defines their characteristics and work functionalities. The same applies to CodeIgniter as well. CodeIgniter comes with the latest in-built features that allow developers to plan and develop robust websites accordingly.

Let’s dive into some of CodeIgniter’s new features that make it the best programming framework at the moment.

  • Tiny Footprints

You can quickly deploy and work on updates with CodeIgniter source code with PHP syntax as the entire codebase size surge within 2MB.

  • Super Fast

Both the users and developers love an application that loads fast. Undoubtedly being a developer, you have tried many other frameworks. But, compared to those, CodeIgniter uploaded files in less than 50ms.

MVC Architecture 

We have already mentioned above that the CodeIgniter framework uses the Model-View-Controller architectural design. The MVC is the industry standard practice that separates the data, business logic, and presentation in web applications.

Built-in Components

CodeIgniter has in-built application-specific components that allow developers to send an email, database management, session management, and many more without any hassle.

Remarkable Documentations

The CodeIgniter framework is well documented. Also, the vast ecosystem of PHP users makes it easy for beginners to understand CodeIgniter in the simplest ways. Apart from that, you will get easy solutions of CodeIgniter frameworks from Github and Stackoverflow.

Most importantly, CodeIgniter features are designed to work independently and not rely much on other components. This is why CodeIgniter frameworks components are easy to maintain and upgrade.

How Does CodeIgniter Works?

CodeIgniter is an MVC (Model View Controller) framework. When the user requests a resource, the controller replies first. Then the controller comprehends its request and addresses the actual databases if needed.

Suppose you are retrieving a customer with the id= 6; the controller will accept your request and then request the CodeIgniter models to retrieve the record with the id of 6. The CodeIgniter models will send back the record to the controller.

In contrast, the controller will forward the result to the view, converting the format into a human-readable format. At last, the results will be returned to the user in the browser.

Take the below image into consideration to understand how CodeIgniter works:

CodeIgniter Framework

Benefits of CodeIgniter Framework

The following reason validates the core benefits of CodeIgniter frameworks and why you should choose CodeIgniter as your prime web development framework, amongst many.

High-End Security

Web development companies would adopt enhanced security as their number one priority on any given day. CodeIgniter configurations are enabled with advanced encryption and decryption processes.

That’s the reason many of them have started using CodeIgniter to build scalable and secure websites because of its security-rich functions and diverse inbuilt functionalities.

Advanced Testing Facilities

The newly released CodeIgniter comes with a step-by-step testing characteristic that gives web developers a comprehensive way to complete the web application development procedure. It improves the performance level and helps them plan better for future projects.

Fewer Codes; More Outcome

The CodeIgniter framework is highly recommended to build/develop robust and rapid web applications. There is no need to add a third party as it has multiple libraries and the required APIs setup, which eases the development process.

Easy To Use

The CodeIgniter is an open-source framework used by a large number of developers globally. The source code and solution to complex issues can be quickly resolved with the help of tutorials and through the community. You can learn it within a short period.

Hire PHP CodeIgniter Developer

The CodeIgniter is by the best open-source framework offerings from PHP. Due to its friendly URLs, developers find it easy to build large-scaled dynamic and secured web applications.

Above all, the CodeIgniter has a tremendous debugging trait that identifies bugs instantaneously and displays warnings and errors.

At Metizsoft Solutions, we have the most Experienced Team Of CodeIgniter Developers who have the expertise of developing thousands of web applications using CodeIgniter for domestic and international clients.

Our dynamic web development structure assured you of nothing else than a high-quality web development process relevant to your business model.


What is CodeIgniter Framework, and How does It Works? Top Features and Benefits Explained!

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