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React Native Vs. Swift Comparison – Which One is Best for Your App Development?

Chetan Patel March 11, 2022 0

The word “Comparison” between the two frameworks clearly indicates the adaption and excellence that they possess amongst developers. Recently, there’s been a lot of discussions about React Native Vs. Swift and tech experts often get stuck upon React Native Vs. Swift comparison.

It’s a good indication that two prolific frameworks are getting all the buzz while helping developers craft futuristic mobile apps.

But, it is also essential for our readers to give them a closer inside look at React Native Vs. Swift comparison to help them understand the benefits and usage of these two languages.

This blog will reveal some key insights into React Native Vs. Swift, React Native Vs. Swift comparison, benefits of React Native, Benefits of Swift, considered the best React Native development company.

So, What is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript-based framework used to develop robust cross-platform apps. Since its release (2015) by Facebook, it has gained a massive developer base.

The easy learning curve and massive developer support have made React Native the frontline cross-platform app development framework amongst many.

React Native is the best framework you can choose above others for developing large-scale applications. If you are concerned about React Native usage in modern technologies, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tesla are sheer examples of React Native clientele.

Benefits of React Native

More than anything, the best thing about using React Native is multi-platform adaptability. The app developed using React Native is well compatible with Android and IOS.

Once you structure the app codebase, you can deploy it easily on multiple operating systems. Apart from this, below listed some key benefits of React Native, which are as follows:

  • Code reusability – As mentioned above, React Native codebase is well-compatible with Android and IOS platforms. Developers can use the same codebase in both platforms and craft modern native mobile applications. Well, this allows them to save both time and energy upon working on any cross-platform application project.
  • Rich library support – As React Native is a JavaScript-based framework, there will undoubtedly be enormous library support on StackOverflow and GitHub. It means you will get instant support and backup of multiple developers and files upon any hindrances.
  • Cost-effective – React Native is cross-platform compatible, and developers don’t spare extra time writing different codebases. The same codebase and APIs can be used on both platforms simultaneously. React Native app development company spent less on React Native app development process.
  • Native-like UX and performance experience – Although the apps crafted using React Native are not 100% native, they still, offer modernized UX configuration for a better user experience. Also, the JavaScript characteristics and features boost the performance of the app.

What is Swift?

Swift is a programming language developed by Apple in 2014 to build iOS, macOS, watchOS, etc. It was designed to replace objective C that companies used earlier for the same.

Due to its flexible and straightforward codebase, IOS developers find it easy to develop robust IOS applications without any hassle.

By leveraging Swift’s multifunctionality capabilities, IOS developers have crafted many modern IOS applications that are ruling the tech market segment nowadays.

Benefits of Swift

Even though IOS shares 26% of the market share compared to Android (74%), it still has an enormous customer base globally.

Let’s dive into some of the core benefits that make it the prime IOS app development programming language amongst the developers’ community.

  • User experience – When it comes to user experience, there’s no match for Swift. Swift programming language has lighter characteristics that require less time to install and use less storage on the device. It is specifically developed for building native IOS applications; it gives more access to native features.
  • Fast development – Swift comes with fewer complexities and codebase compared to Objective – C. It has enabled Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) features that automatically handle all the app memory usage tracking and management. This process saves lots of development time, and as a result, developers can develop apps faster than usual.
  • Higher Safety Measure – Swift protects the program from crashing, as it automatically defines all memory access. This advanced feature lets developers catch early bugs and errors in code while typing, giving them the advantage of fixing those errors before final execution.
  • ABI stability – Earlier, the developers find it difficult to cope with the programming language’s latest version with the existing system. But, the inclusion of the Application Binary Interface or AIB into Swift 5 has made it easy for them to run the codebase without blockage.
  • Easy learning curve – Swift has a simple syntax and fewer lines of the codebase, which are easy to learn and adapt. Compared to React Native, IOS developers need fewer lines of code to make scalable applications with easy-to-use functionalities.

React Native Vs. Swift Comparison

The significant difference between React Native Vs. Swift is React Native is used in developing cross-platform applications, while Swift is for developing IOS applications.

Comparing development speed, both have unique yet advanced features enabled, which automates the faster development process. But, Swift is only used for iOS application development that can be done with fewer lines of the codebase.

Thus, Swift provides a faster development process compared to React Native.

In User interface comparison, Swift is a few steps ahead of React native, as React Native uses native user components that are catchy and easy to use. Still, Swift IOS user configuration is more seamless and provides a hassle-free user experience.

React Native Vs. Swift performance is one of the key comparisons to consider. Somehow, we all have a glimpse of the iPhone navigation system.

Now, think, about which one you will rank high comparing React Native Vs. Swift performance comparison. The clear winner here seems to be Swift.

React Native has massive developers’ support because of JavaScript. As mentioned, you will find a solution to your React Native development issue on Github and Stack Overflow instantly.

Though Swift has an easy learning curve offering, it might take some time for a beginner to find the solution on the first go.

Wrapping Up

Mobile apps have become the prime source of business deliverables in this digitalization era. In contrast, mobile app development companies are quick to adopt new programming languages to fulfill business requirements through native IOS and Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Development.

We hope the above elaboration will help in a big way to put a full stop to React Native Vs. Swift comparison. Still, if you have any doubts about the same, you can share your thoughts or raise some questions in the comment section below!

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Evolution of On-Demand Apps – Types, Procedures, and Features to Consider!

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Isn’t it convenient enough that you get all your work done within the comfort of your home, offices with just a few taps on your devices? Well, that’s how far technologies have driven over the years. The rise of on-demand apps is touching new pinnacles daily, fulfilling our basic needs without hassle.

Start-ups and industries are coming with innovations to fulfill the supply demand of users through on-demand apps.

In 2014, experts predicted that on-demand apps would boost the world’s economy like no other. Now, we are seeing the results. On-demand apps have gripped almost every service relevant to our daily use.

Referring to stats, U.S. consumers spend $57.6 billion in the on-demand economy to cater to 22.4 million users annually.

But, what is an on-demand app? How does it work? Types of the on-demand app. The reason behind on-demand apps’ popularity! Key points to consider developing on-demand apps.

Must-have Features in an on-demand app. The right platform to deploy. Take professional help. We will help you figure out all these queries in this blog. So, consider reading it till the end!

What is an On-Demand App?

The evolution of AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), Data science have pushed the on-demand app to the next level.

The on-demand app works as a mediator between a service provider and a consumer. With the on-demand app installed on your device, you can place your order and enjoy the benefit of its service within your comfort zone.

On-demands apps are faster, reliable, and more scalable in function and performance.

Types of On-Demand Apps & How does it Work?

With the advancements in programming languages and technology, developers have made the on-demand app more user-centric.

Users find it seamless from the navigation set-ups to order placements to payment gateways every time they use these apps.

Uber Eats, Zomato, Swiggy, Uber, Ola, Oyo, Airbnb, Big Basket, are some of the best on-demand app examples to consider.

Millions of users globally get benefitted from the service of the above apps. Whether to book a cab (Uber, Ola), order food (Uber Eats, Swiggy, Zomato), book a hotel (Airbnb, Oyo), or order groceries (Big basket), on-demands indeed making life easy with its demand and supply service.

Cab Service

While booking a cab from Uber, the user needs to:

  1. Place a cab book request
  2. Upon placing, he/she will get connected with a service provider.
  3. The provider will get accept request notification.
  4. Upon confirmation, payment authorization
  5. The provider will deliver the service to the consumer.
  6. Delivery confirmation by the consumer
  7. Payment deduction

Food Delivery Apps

While ordering food from Uber Eats

  1. Select your food item and place your order
  2. Connects with a service provider
  3. Order request confirmation
  4. The chef is preparing your food
  5. Food is on its way
  6. Delivery confirmation
  7. Payment (COD/online payment)

Hotel Booking

For booking a room, the step is as follows

  1. Filter dates, location, no of rooms
  2. Go to hotel listings and check availability.
  3. Upon confirmation, click on book hotel.
  4. Review policy and terms, message the before hitting the submit button
  5. Payment gateways


For ordering groceries

  1. Select grocery items
  2. Add it to your Cart/Wishlist
  3. Address details
  4. Payment confirmation
  5. Place your order
  6. Get your delivery

Video Streaming

Netflix and Amazon Prime are prime examples of on-demand apps in video streaming. Tons of videos, including movies and web series in multiple languages, are available to binge-watch.

For this, you only have to register with all details, choose a monthly/yearly plan, payment confirmation, and you are good to go.

These are some primary methods on how an on-demand app works. Likewise, users are using many alternatives, and they come with different features and order placing forms.

Both ways, the user gets the same benefits, and the service providers get reasonable ROI.

Reason Behind On-Demand Apps Popularity

One of the prime regimes behind on-demand apps’ popularity is its ease and comprehensive nature of service to their users.

  • On-demand apps’ come with an offer over listed products every other day compared to traditional stores’ prices. Anyhow, you will pay lower than the original price.
  • On-demand apps offer multiple options to choose from: you don’t have to go here and there looking for a product, as you can filter those products in the app and find the best one.
  • Various payments methods are enabled. (Cash on demand, UPI payments, debit /credit card options)
  • Order from anywhere at any time as you carry your smartphones and tablets anywhere you go.
  • Alternative apps are available within many categories, allowing you to compare products and services and make the perfect choice based on your requirements

On-demand apps have productively shaped effective business models, leading businesses owners to change their perception from traditional to comprehensive methods in a far more profitable, scalable, and resourceful manner.

Key Points to Consider Developing On-Demand Apps

So far, you must have gained a reasonable amount of information on the types and work functionalists of on-demand apps. Many companies like Metizsoft Solutions have successfully delivered futuristic and robust on-demand apps running successfully on the user’s device.

On-Demand Apps Developed by Metizsoft Solution

Many on-demand apps developed by Metizsoft Solutions are ruling their respective field without hassle. Let’s dive into some on-demand apps developed by Metizsoft Solution:

Grocery/Sabji Delivery App

Digitalization has changed the way people buy groceries or sabjis. Now, they are more into adapting the virtual method than the traditional offline method to ease the sabji shopping. To help them out, we have developed this sabji delivery App using React Native to buy fruits and vegetables without visiting the market. A few taps on the App and the required fruits or vegetables will be at their doorstep.

Laundry App

Moving to a new city is always a hustle. You don’t know the area and nearby store and find it challenging to deal with every day obstacles for the early few months. But, yeah, with technology besides, things are much easier these days. With sheer compliance, Metizsoft solution has developed this Laundry App to help you find the nearby registered laundry shops.

Also, this App is a golden platform for local laundry shop owners to get registered themselves and grab as many customers as possible.

Water Supply Management

It is cool to build an App where you can easily manage your water supply timings and payment method. This was a client-driven idea that we had to nurture with all our capabilities, and we are proud enough to deliver the best possible result within the deadline. Instead of an irritating offline procedure involving pen paper and physical frustration, you can now manage your water supply with this App anywhere and at any time.


Now, finding the best accommodation has become easy with this Ezcheckinn App. You will be able to book hotels, motels, hostels, lodges, ad guesthouses at your convenience. No hidden charge, no extra cost! Download this App to get the best accommodation service of all time.

So, these are a few examples of our excellence in developing high-quality demand Apps. If you are seeking more information regarding our work, Visit Our Work Portfolio

If you are planning to build an on-demand app relevant to your business model, consider paying close attention to the below highlights.

Depth in Research

Research is essential before any assignment. If one goes through thorough research regarding target audience, demand, and supply, 50% of the work is done. With depth research, you will get a clear idea about the features you want to add to the app.

Learn About Your Target Audience

This is the base of your on-demand app. You are building your on-demand app, keeping in mind your target audience’s requirements. The more information you gather, the better you will deliver the result.

Keep It Simple Yet Unique

On-demands apps are built with simple features and functionalists. Keep it original and relevant to your business model.

Add Right Features

Choosing the right set of features is as essential as all of the above points. You can’t just randomly add components of your likes. Unnecessary features might lead to un-installation. So, seeking professional help might be the best option here.

Must-Have Features in an On-Demand App

  • Push Notification

Push notification helps users find their Wishlist’s availability and exclusive offers and new arrivals.

  • Real-Time Order Tracking

You will help users track their products and services’ real-time location with real-time tracking.

  • Mark as Favorites

Users will be able to mark a product as favorites, saving searching time.

  • Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are the most important as it helps users classify in choosing the suitable methods (COD, Credit/debit card, UPI) for smooth and seamless deliveries.

  • Reviews & Ratings

It will help you know your user’s behaviors and preferences. What kind of product they are more interested in, and what quality of products are your vendors providing.

  • Helpdesk Support

Assisting your users with their queries will only improve your brand value. The more conveniently you pay attention to this, the better your app performance will improve.

Choose the Relevant Platform to Launch Tour On-Demand App

Here, you will come across three options, IOS, Android, and cross-platform. It purely depends upon your target audience base, budget, and business model to where you would like to launch your on-demand app.

Hire The Right On-Demand Development Team

When you have a clear vision about the above, approach the best On-Demand App Development Team. There are a lot of factors that on-demand apps are built on, and taking professional help could be the best option in building a robust on-demand app. Let the developer team design, test, and deploy it on the Play store.

Get in touch with us for the best on-demand app development solutions.

On-Demand Electrician App Development Cost, Features and Working Model

Chetan Patel April 18, 2021 0

The invention of electricity changed people’s lives for the better as we know how electricity has become one of the most basic necessities today. We need electricity all day long today, and nothing can take its place. With the importance of electricity and electrical appliances, the need for electricians has also increased.

Various problems like power fluctuation and electrical surges cause flickering lights, misfires, or short circuits. We know that electricity is not something we can deal with on our own.

To install or repair any electrical appliance, we have to contact professional electricians to provide us with efficient services.

Now you can quickly get in touch with an electrician to provide you services with the help of an on-demand electrician app. Yes, you heard that right, now you can call an electrician to your house for electric services.

You can now find the right electrician to deliver the services you require. The on-demand booking app will enable users to search the electrician for repairing geysers, air conditioners, televisions, iron, heaters, and many other electrical appliances.

You can also call an electrician for the wiring and lighting of your house.

Are You Looking To Develop an On-Demand Electrician App?

If you want to develop an on-demand electrician booking app, keep reading this blog. We will discuss in detail the electrician app development cost and features and its working model.

An on-demand electrician app is very beneficial for those who urgently need an electrician but don’t have contact with an electrician. The users can find nearby electricians at any time to deliver the services they are looking for.

We can’t live without electricity, and therefore, this app is of massive help in urgencies and emergencies.

In the present era of technology and with the invention of mobile phones, humans have become more innovative and more technology-oriented.

So, launching a mobile app for electrician booking is quite helpful and profitable both for the business owner as well as users.

Let us first talk about the major features of this mobile electrician booking app.

What are the Features of the Electrician Mobile App?

  • Auto Estimate Arrival Time

With the help of this feature, the users can estimate the time the electrician will take to reach their location. This feature enables the users to track the electricians’ live location and estimate the time they will take to reach.

This also allows the users to guide the electricians in case they lose the way.

  • In-App Messaging

The users and electricians can stay connected with the communication channels such as SMS, emails, or in-app chatbox. The users can interact with the electricians and discuss various things like timing, location, and other facilities.

  • GPS Tracking

With the help of the GPS feature, electricians can track the path to reach the location. It also helps the users track the electricians’ real-time location and see whether they are on the right path or not.

  • Notifications

The users will get timely notifications from the mobile app about the order and payment confirmation, offers, and discounts delivered to the registered mobile number.

Moreover, it also keeps the users connected with the app by displaying the advent time of the electricians assigned and other keep the users updated about other important details.

  • Customer Loyalty Program

This is a fantastic way to interact with the customers and provide them a reason to visit your app and use it to find and contact electricians. Under the customer loyalty program, the users get rewards and discounts upon the referral of the app to their family and friends.

  • Multi-Location Access

Under this feature, users can view the electricians from multiple locations. Thus, with the help of this feature, users can find the top electricians within their area and contact them to deliver the services.

  • Payment Models

Various payment models are integrated into electrician booking like debit/credit cards, payment gateways, net banking, etc., to allow users to make easy payments.

  • Cloud Installation

The on-demand app is managed by the cloud. All the information about the new orders, payments, and communication between the users and electricians are stored in the cloud server. Cloud installation makes the app faster and more secure.

These are some of the essential features of an on-demand electrician mobile app, making it such a helpful and profitable app.

What is the Working Model of an On-Demand Electrician Mobile App?

You must know the working model of an on-demand mobile app before developing an app of your own.

Let us discuss how an electrician hiring app works-

  • An electrician can create his profile easily by adding basic information such as his name, location, and experience and verify the account by providing a contact number and email address.
  • The electrician can also mention his services along with his charges
  • The app users can also create their accounts easily on the app with information like name and contact number. They can search the electricians whenever they are in need by applying filters, checking the electrician profile, and checking the charges, and availability.
  • An electrician can check the request list and accept or decline the request of the users.
  • The electrician can connect with the users after accepting the request and easily communicate with each other.
  • After the services, the users can make payments by using payment methods offered by the app. The payment is easy and hassle-free.

This is how an on-demand mobile app for electrician booking works for both the electricians and users.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop an Electrician App?

As we know, every business and its requirements are unique, and the cost of development also varies. Needless to say, the process of developing a mobile app is lengthy and complicated at times.

Most of the on-demand app development companies charge on per hourly basis according to the complexities and needs of the business and clients.

The overall on-demand electrician app development cost depends on some of the factors like mobile app development and designing, back-end development, functionality and features required, technology, and the developer’s experience.

The development cost also includes paying for UI/UX developers, quality assurance, and the testing of the app.

Thus, the app development cost estimate can be known only after discussing the project idea with the on-demand app developers.

After looking at various factors and on-demand electrician app features required by the clients, they will provide an estimated cost of the development.

Get In Touch With Metizsoft Solutions For Your Next Project

If you wish to develop an on-demand electrician app and are looking for a company that provides top-notch services, you can feel free to consult us.

Metizsoft Solutions is one of the best on-demand app development companies providing quality services for building robust apps. We have developed several on-demand apps which are running successfully today.

Hire on-demand app developers from Metizsoft and get the best services with unique designs and features. You can reach out to our app developers and discuss your project idea with them.

They will assist you and come up with solutions to develop the most amazing on-demand electrician app for you.

How are On-Demand eCommerce Mobile Apps Going to Change The Future?

Manthan Bhavsar October 20, 2020 0

In this age of digitalization, most businesses are moving towards an online presence of their business. Mobile app development is becoming an essential part of business nowadays. During the past few years, companies are investing more in app development.

Small-scale businesses have also understood the importance of mobile apps to grow their business.

Mobile apps have become immensely popular, and the fact that there are 1.8 million apps on the app store while 2.7 apps on Google play proves it.

These numbers prove that the future of on-demand eCommerce apps’ future is bright, and its demand will rise in the future.

What are a Few Reasons Behind the Rising Demand for Mobile eCommerce?

  • Shopping on a mobile app is time-saving
  • A mobile app has a broader reach than the traditional store
  • Mobile apps improve brand reputation
  • It provides multiple payment gateways
  • Mobile apps have quick checkouts
  • Shopping on mobile apps provides an enhanced customer experience

On-demand eCommerce mobile apps are the next big thing. Many mobile trends help grow an online business, and following these futuristic mobile apps will boost business growth in the future.

Most businesses today are leveraging mobile apps’ potential to grow their businesses and reach more customers globally.

Mobile eCommerce ensures growth and provides a great shopping experience for customers.

As we know, various trends work in favor of growing the business with a mobile app; we will discuss some of them in this blog.

  • Blockchain 

Blockchain technology has revolutionized all the domains of the business sector, and many industries use this technology. This technology can be useful for gaining various benefits for your business.

It is a beneficial and helpful mobile eCommerce trend that can help you grow and expand your mobile app in a shorter period.

Blockchain technology is also considered an operating system for advanced apps.

All these reasons are enough to prove that one must use blockchain technology to develop a mobile app for an eCommerce business. It has been incredibly beneficial for the growth of many companies.

  • Artificial Intelligence  

When we talk about advanced technology and trends, we can’t miss artificial intelligence and machine learning. Technological advancement has changed the face of mobile app development.

It is clear that technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, will take mobile app development to the next level shortly.

The technology of AI in mobile apps will save you time and money and provide a great user experience.

  • Chatbots 

Another huge mobile trend is AI-powered chatbots, which are the best example of enhancing user experience. It has completely changed the way of interaction.

Using this technology in the mobile app can help customers find various services like on-demand grocery delivery, online shopping, cab services, etc.

Chatbots are an amazing way to provide a better customer experience.  Chatbots respond to the queries of customers quickly and help them resolve the issue they are facing.

When customers’ queries are addressed on time, they feel valued, and ultimately, it enhances their shopping experience.

  • 5G Technology 

5G technology will be the next big thing and will have a great impact on the future of eCommerce on-demand apps. This technology will change the way apps are used and created for developers, resellers, and others. 5g technology even more in the next few years. it will be up to 10 times faster and will surely improve the efficiency of mobile apps.

Thus, using 5G technology is going to boost the functionality of on-demand mobile eCommerce apps.

  • Mobile wallets 

With the invention of mobile wallets, online shopping has become easier than ever. Mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Phonepe, and PayTM are trending mobile wallet apps used these days.

The mobile wallet market would double in the next few years. Mobile wallet integration should be there in every mobile app as it makes payments more accessible and smarter.

These trends should be taken into consideration while developing every on-demand mobile app.

  • Wearable app integration 

Some businesses are already using this trend for the growth of their business. It is one of the latest technology to be considered by companies.

With the advancement in technology, this trend will be one of the prominent trends in the future of on-demand eCommerce apps.

The popularity of wearables will increase, and more businesses are interested in investing in wearable devices. Examples of wearables are Apple Watch, smartwatches, and smart bands.

These were some of the popular trends that can impact the future of on-demand eCommerce mobile apps. These trends, when followed smartly and dedicatedly, would bring success your way.

On-demand mobile apps are the new face of doing business, and it is only going to grow in the future.

Businesses should remain updated with the latest mobile app development trends to make the most out of their mobile app and reach a wider audience online.

The trends mentioned above are going to help them a lot.

Get in touch with us!

If you want to develop a powerful on-demand mobile app for your business, you have to hire an experienced and reliable on-demand mobile application development company.

To develop a profitable and feature-rich mobile app, it’s essential to make a wise decision. Get in touch with Metizsoft Solutions and allow us to create a powerful mobile app for your business.

Hire our experts, and you will be satisfied with our quality services. To know more about us, reach out to us.

On-Demand Delivery Apps: Everything You Need To Know!

Chetan Patel January 2, 2020 0

on demand delivery app

As the technology is ever-changing and evolving, development trends keep changing now and then. The new addition to the development trends is on-demand delivery apps. On-demand apps are luxury in disguise. Since the apps have come into trend, they have been in-demand industry trends and are a continually evolving concept.

Today, on-demand apps like Uber, Ola, Airbnb, etc. have reshaped the world as well as have made the lives of people much simpler and more manageable.

The delivery apps are not restricted to cab services; they have entered many sectors such as food, healthcare, and grocery delivery app.

The on-demand has taken over the traditional business models by allowing people to get instant access to what

The on-demand delivery apps have become the face of the market in recent years. We can expect that their demand is only going to increase in the coming years as well.

Types of on-demand mobile apps.

  • Business to Business

B2B on-demand apps are focused on connecting businesses from businesses. In this case, the service providers and service takers are not the end-users but they are simply facilitators.

  • Business to Consumers

In this type of on-demand mobile apps, businesses provide the products or services to the end-users. This model is usually followed by businesses that can deliver the products to customers such as Dominos etc.

  • Consumers to Consumers

This on-demand delivery app model connects the end-users to the end-users. In this case, the users create products or offer services to other users to purchase or use.

What are some of the top benefits of an delivery application?

  • Affordability 

Customized on-demand apps are profitable for business owners. It will save their money as they need not invest in transportation. The on-demand model is based on contractors using their own transportation.

  • Fast

Customers can place an order in a snap of a finger with the help of an on-demand delivery app. All the tasks such as searching, ordering, paying and reviewing can be done within one app. This makes an in-demand app such a hit.

  • Convenient

This is the most important benefit of an in-demand app. It is convenient to use. The level of convenience you get by using the on-demand app goes beyond delivery.

A bundle of features such as smart search, real-time tracking, in-app messaging, suitable payment method, quick delivery makes it convenient and a complete package.

  • Ideal for all kinds of businesses

One of the main reasons behind such popularity of these apps is that all kinds of business companies can use them. These apps can be customized according to the needs of different kinds of business firms irrespective of their sector, type, or size.

on demand delivery app features

some of the important features required for successful on-demand delivery apps.

Customer’s app features-

  • Registration 

The registration should be simple using social media account or email so that the users can easily manage their account. A simple phone number based registration is also a good option for an on-demand delivery app.

  • Real-time GPS tracking 

An on-demand mobile app must have a real-time tracking feature. The GPS tracking system builds trust among users for the app. This feature allows users to track the status of their orders.

  • Payment gateway integration 

This feature is a great convenience for users. The payment gateway integration needs to be safe, reliable and safe. It will be even better if you offer multiple payment options including COD, eWallets and net banking.

  • Reviews and ratings 

The reviews and ratings are actual feedback, which helps the producer to know where to give more effort. The users can share their experiences and rate the app which will also help you to make improvements in the app if required.

  • Order placement

Once the users select the products/services, they will have to place the order. They can either order in real-time or schedule it for a later hour. The basic information needed for placing an order includes addresses, customers’ info, product info, price, and delivery time.

  • In-app call/messaging

All the on-time delivery apps have an in-app call or messaging feature through which the users can get in touch with the delivery man or driver from the application itself. They can also connect him via text messages.

Driver’s features

  • Accept and reject the request 

The drivers are the core resource of a delivery app. the driver acts as a bridge between the sellers and customers. Drivers have the authority to accept or reject requests within a given period.

  • Availability 

The service providers can choose their availability as per their time. They can offer their service on their own will at their preferred time. They will earn as per their availability.

  • Earning tracker 

This feature helps the driver to maintain his/her finances and can plan the working day accordingly.

Admin’s features

  • Efficient user management 

The admin handles all the customer activities such as payments, discounts or any query. Thus, this allows easy access to the administration which can help in maintaining the company’s goodwill.

  • Manage driver’s ledger

It is the admin’s job to maintain the driver’s commissions, incentives, earnings, penalties, and promotions.

  • Real-time analytics

Real-time analytics helps the admin to view the insights of app-based services and its usage. The analytics show the areas of a website which require improvements.

All these features are necessary for a successful on-demand delivery app. make sure to include these features, and take benefit of them. 

Here are some of the ways you can grow your delivery business-

  • Pre-launch marketing

Marketing is a meaningful way to grow your business. Before the launch of an on-demand app, it’s important to advertise the app to let the people know about it. Pre-launch app marketing will help you promote your brand.

  • Run a referral program

To expand the reach of your business, try introducing special offers and referral programs. You can provide offers as an incentive for downloading the app.  It will catch users’ attention and will help you reach more users online.

  • Include a feedback system

Every on-demand delivery app must have a star-rating system for both seekers and providers. A rating system helps in creating trust among the users.

  • Personalized push notifications

Sending personalized notifications to help promote engagement and develop a rapport with the user. Push notifications should take the users to the exact location in the app that was given in the message.

Which businesses need an on-demand delivery apps for faster growth and development?

  • Courier service

Having an on-demand app for courier service will help the user to save a lot of time and effort and brings convenience to the users. Courier apps can be made for laundry delivery services and grocery delivery services.

  • Transport service

The transport industry is ever-growing. Apps like Uber, Ola, and Jugnoo autos have made their success marks and there are many other successful cab services as well. Because of the ever-increasing population, the on-demand taxi booking service sector is going to expand.

  • Food delivery service

This is one of the most important industries that has benefited the most from on-demand delivery apps. Food delivery apps like Zomato, Uber eats and Swiggy has changed the food delivery service segment. These apps have made the lives simpler and smarter because after all, who doesn’t like ready-to-eat food delivered at their doorstep?

  • Healthcare service

Nowadays, there are medicine delivery apps and healthcare apps that provide professional healthcare services at home. This service has benefited many especially the older people who get the professional healthcare service at their home and don’t have to travel to the hospitals.

Get your on-demand delivery app built today.

After going through the on-demand delivery app guide, we assume you also might be thinking about having an on-demand delivery app of your own. To have the most amazing on-demand application, be smart enough to hire the best On-Demand App Development Company. Developing these apps requires a passion for technology, proper skills, and the right expertise.

Metizsoft Solutions is an expert in mobile app development and having the right expertise and experience. We have successfully developed on-demand applications with all the required features and functionalities. We have a team of skilled developers who have worked on many successful projects.

For your next project, talk with us. Get in touch with us today.

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What did On-Demand Technology Brings for Your Real Estate Business?

Chetan Patel October 1, 2019 0

The year 2019 has seen a great increase in the demand for on-demand applications globally. Almost all industries including healthcare, hospitality, grocery, cab services, food delivery services, and maintenance have come up with on-demand apps and the trend has a long way to go. We can say that the demand for on-demand applications is going to increase in the year 2020 as well.

The concept of on-demand apps has originated from the need to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of customers without any mediators. If we take the example of an on-demand real estate business, buyers can instantly connect with sellers or brokers with the help of an on-demand real-estate app.

An on-demand app has many benefits and features which is the reason behind its increasing demand and popularity. It lets the buyers connect with the sellers online without any third-party intervention.

Here are the Key Features & Benefits of an On-Demand Real Estate Mobile App Development!

  • Buyers & Sellers Meet Online

From real estate agents to buyers, from sellers to brokers, everyone in an on-demand app connects online. There is no offline meeting but every communication takes place online.

With the help of this app, agents are brokers who can stay connected with the customer. Both buyers and sellers can find each other online and communicate with each other regarding the property they are interested in.

  • No Barrier to Communication

In an on-demand app, a seller can directly communicate with the buyer and vice versa. There is no barrier to communication in an on-demand app.

There is no need for a middleman because the app itself works as an online agent between both parties. This also saves a lot of their money as well as time. Both parties can easily communicate with each other without any interruption.

  • More Efficient

Just like other on-demand apps, the real estate mobile app also saves a lot of time and effort for both parties. It enables all the parties concerned to communicate online when they want to and it makes the process of finding a buyer or selling rapidly.

A mobile app can transform the real-estate business and an on-demand app makes the real-estate deal between both parties fast and efficient.

  • Reduction in Costs

As there is no involvement of any third party or middlemen in an on-demand app, a buyer and seller communicate with each other directly.

Moreover, both parties do not need to pay any commissions to the brokers or middlemen, which saves a lot of their money. An on-demand real estate app is proven to be cost-effective for both parties.

  • Simplifies The Buying & Selling Process

An on-demand real estate app can simplify the whole buying and selling process. With the help of this app, interested buyers can get the details of the property at their fingertips in a few clicks.

From the viewpoint of the seller, with the help of this app, they can find multiple buyers and get a good price for their property. The app is really useful for accomplishing the entire deal while staying in touch with both- buyers and sellers.

  • Digital Process

A real estate mobile app promotes the digitalization of the entire process. From posting property to offering submission to accepting the deal, everything is digitalized.

Sellers can upload their property information and interested buyers can get it instantly. Tenants can also find the right rental property at their fingertips with the help of these on-demand real estate apps.

  • Less Dependency on Middlemen

On-demand real estate apps help in reducing the dependency on brokers, middlemen, and commission agents. The buyers and sellers can get in touch with each other directly without any involvement of a third party.

The app also brings transparency between both parties as both of them are connected on the same platform until the deal is finally done.

  • Competitive Edge

The real estate sector is really competitive and highly challenging. An on-demand app with many features can give a competitive edge over others. You can also establish an online network consisting of buyers, sellers, and brokers to attract more people to the app.

You can hire real estate app developers to integrate the necessary features and functionality in the app.


Metizsoft Solutions is the leading On-Demand App Development Company. We have completed various on-demand projects across different industries. Our teams of on-demand app developers are talented and have the expertise and provide the best services. Hire our developers and make the most out of the thriving on-demand economy.

Get in Touch With Us!

For more details about the real estate app for your business, get in touch with us. Mail us and we will respond as soon as possible. Remember, we are here for your assistance. Get a free quote from us.

What is The Importance of On-Demand Taxi Booking Apps & How Much Does it Cost to Develop?

Chetan Patel June 25, 2019 0

Taxi Business

The development of cab booking industry is rapidly growing, and its service has become essential across many countries. Many businesses are trying to leverage their share in this expanding market by hitting into riding services.

As per industry stats, the expected revenue of this industry is ready to reach up to $50,000 million by the upcoming 3 years.


Moreover, with the growing appropriation of taxi booking applications, there is also an evolution of corporate taxi services in the trade recently.

Certainly, the greatness of corporate people using taxi services has increased remarkably in a short period of time.

Let’s have a look at the important features of a taxi booking mobile app:

Passenger App Features:

  • Register & Login Panel:

This would be the first step and the user can get registered to the app initially. Moreover, the user can see the profile information and get it updated if required.

  • Select Destination:

Google Maps will be integrated into the app; therefore, the user can select a pickup and drop location using the Google map integrated.

  • Ride Tracking:

On the other end, the write can be tracked on Google Maps. The map would indicate where exactly we are currently.

  • Push Notifications:

In-app notification integration can be done on this app. Therefore, the user can manage to get the respective notifications regarding the rites. Moreover, the user can get to know about upcoming features and promotions.

  • In-App Wallets:

In-app wallets could be integrated so that a specific amount of money can be added to the wallet and it can be used upon making payments.

  • Payment Options:

Payment methods can be added to the user can make the payment using various payment methods like PayTm, and PayPal. Credit card etc.

  • Fare Estimation:

This would be a vital feature of the application. This feature would give the estimated price estimation to the user upon entering the destination location.

A smart algorithm works behind this feature so that users can easily get a fair price to be paid for the ride priory.

  • Ride History:

The user can check the history of previous and upcoming rides completed on the app.

Driver App Features:

  • Driver Profile:

A driver can get registered on the app by following some steps regarding the profile information.

  • Driver Availability:

The driver can set him available in order to take rid of the app. If he is not available then he can hide his availability so that he will not be shown up to the users.

  • Booking Information:

Once the booking is accepted by the driver, the driver will get the all required booking information right after that. Information like the pickup place, the destination, and other related information.

  • Push Notifications:

The driver would be notified about the relevant notifications that are required. Upon each booking, the driver will get notified and then he gets to accept or reject that ride.

  • Mark the booking completed:

Once the user reached to destination and the booking gets done, Driver then can mark that booking as completed. Therefore, that deal can be closed in the system.

  • Cost Estimation:

The driver will get to know about the cost estimation and the amount to be paid by the user after completing the ride.

  • Navigation:

Google map integration will help the driver to get the navigation of the destination point.

Admin Panel Features:

  • Manage Users:

The admin will be able to manage all users associated with the application. Moreover, if required the admin will be able to get user information updated, and deleted and can block any user too.

  • Analytaccessibleics & Reports:

The admin will be able to see the business figures like filtered revenue, app usage, and other relevant stuff in the form of statistics and reports.

  • Manage Payment Accounts:

The admin will be able to manage the payment things on the app. Admin will be responsible the check all payments and their statuses.

Development Process of Taxi Mobile App

process of texi booking app

Required Proficient Development Team Arrangement

development team

Project Manager: Depth Knowledge about the entire project requirements & solutions, also must be outfitted with administrative skills

Developers: Android Developer + iOS Developer + React Native Developer (As per client requirements)

Designers: Designer has depth knowledge about UX/UI & Graphic Design

Quality Analyst: Expert in Good Testing & bug tracking skills


Our on-demand TAXI App clone script comes with an Android application for the customers and drivers. Moreover, we also offer a complete dashboard and backend for admin so that backend things can be managed by a single portal. Which would be accessible by admin?

There are multiple ways to get this app done. Either from scratch or using a quick Taxi clone development. The app for scratch development would be approx. cost $25000 to $100000 depending upon features, whereas the clone app would cost less approx. $50000.

On-Demand Mobile Application Development with Metizsoft will help you exhale. We are an expert team of mobile app developers and are able to meet your bespoke Taxi Booking Mobile App requirements.

Water Supply – On Demand Water Bottle Delivery Mobile Apps!

Chetan Patel April 9, 2019 0

Digitize your water bottle delivery business in a smart way with Water Supply Mobile App

Get it now on Google Play Store:

Key Features of Water Supply Mobile App:

Distributor App

  • White Label Solutions for Distributors
  • Create the Delivery Person Login
  • Manage the Bottle supplied on a daily basis
  • Manage the Monthly bill as per the bottles supplied.
  • Easy to add GST details
  • Distributer can manage easily Earning Details
  • Generate Month & Yearly Reports

Want to make your water bottle delivery business smart & digitize? Get the ready-made solution from Metizsoft Solutions.

The Effective Features that an Online Grocery Shop should have & how much does it cost to develop a Grocery Delivery Mobile App?

Chetan Patel January 8, 2019 0

Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development

Nowadays, the current time is digital time so no one wants to put effort to go outside and shop. The same could go for clothes, the same goes for the same appliances. With everyone’s increasing desire to saving time and money, and for effectively organizing everyone’s daily routine, there is a lot of improvement in the trending technology. Most of the time, doing house chores becomes an unpleasant and difficult task for people. On top of that, grocery shopping disturbs their situation.

(Grocery Shopping Online Sales in the US Market From 2012 To 2021)
Online Grocery Shopping

There are many survey reports that show more than 60% of household shoppers would rather choose shopping via their smartphones and other mobile devices. As a result, mobile app developers are taking advantage of these business opportunities.

Let’s get insights about the features that a smart Grocery Delivery mobile applications should have.

User Panel:

Grocery Delivery Panel
  • Signup/Login: A user should be able to create an account on the app. The user then will be able to login with registered credentials like username and password.
  • Login with social media: A user will be able to directly login via social media.
  • Category selection: After login users can choose a specific category of products for which he would like to shop. Let’s say I would like to purchase some fruits so I will choose the vegetable category.
  • Bookmark Feature: If the user finds any product interesting that he/she may get back then we’ll be able to mark its favorite. Later on, the user can get this product listed to favorites.
  • Add To Cart: Any specific product can be added to the cart. This is the checkout process. First, the user needs to add the selected products in the cart. The cart is short to beginning offline language User should be able to add multiple products to the cart at a time.
  • Multiple payment Option: A user should be able to pay on the app using several payment methods like a Credit card, debit card, etc. This feature will make the payment process streamlined.
  • Review and rating Feature: A user should be able to give reviews and ratings to any specific product. That rating will be visible to all users associated with the application.
  • Checkout Feature: A checkout feature is a vital feature for any marketplace application.
  • Coupons and Promotions Feature: A user should be able to use the offers/coupons associated with any specific product.
  • Referral Feature: A user should be able to refer to friends and people from the app. That referral feature should be beneficial for the users since they can get some rewards upon referral.
  • Return and Replacement Feature: In case the user receives any faulty product, in that case, the user should be able to raise a return or refund request from the application itself.

Admin Panel:

admin side
  • Login: Admin will be able to log in to the backend application.
  • Dashboard: Admin will be able to check the quick overview of the platform on the dashboard in the form of some informative data. Data could be some business figures and some other relevant information.
  • Return and Replacement Management: The admin will be responsible for approving or disapproving the returns, replacements, and refunds. That depends upon the customer’s request.
  • Business Reports Section: The admin should be able to check the business reports with respective filters and attributes.
  • User Management: Admin should be able to check all users associated with the application. Also, the admin will be responsible to add or remove any user from the admin panel.
  • Content management: All application content will be managed by the admin.
  • Payment Management: Admin will be able to manage all payment transactions occurring on the application. All the tax and commission-related things also will be managed by clients.
  • Product Management: Admin should be able to add the products in bulk from the admin panel. Also, the admin will be responsible to enable or disable any product. That will depend upon the product availability.

Grocery Delivery App Panel:

There should be also a platform which helps the business from delivery prospects. This app will be able to ensure the timeline and deliveries along with the delivery confirmation. This help will be used by the delivery boy.

Technically there are a couple of third-party apps that provide end to end tracking for delivery related things.

Let’s get some insights about its features.

  • Delivery Boy Login: Delivery boy will be able to login to the app and all assigned orders will be displayed to him. Then he can pick the orders one by one.
  • Delivery Boy Tracker: The app will track the delivery boy in real-time via GPS tracking on google map when they are on the way to the customer for delivering the product.
  • Route Optimization: Based on the location entered by the customer’s, the application will automatically plan the shortest routes using google maps.
  • Signature Feature: As the delivery confirmation, this feature will allow the user to sign on the application once he receives the product.
  • Return Process from the App: Once the customer applies for return and the admin approves it. The delivery boy again notifies for the same and also then the product can be collected or replaced. The process would remain the same in delivery.

Development Process of Grocery Mobile App

Grocery Delivery

Required Proficient Development Team Arrangement

Team Arrangement

Project Manager: Depth understanding about the project requirements & solutions also must be outfitted with administrative skills Developers: iOS App Developers, Android App Developers, React Native App DevelopersDesigners: Must have depth knowledge of UX/UI & Graphic Design Quality Analyst: Master in Good Testing and bug tracking skills

Final Outcomes

Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development could be challenging and simple as well. That depends on the feature it has and the utilities it provides. A Grocery Mobile Apps with key features that serve as an MVP or Minimum Viable Product can be anywhere between $5,000–$10,000 USD and can take between 2–3 months.

Would you like to develop a Grocery Delivery mobile app? Contact us for a free one-to-one consultation with our team of on-demand app development experts.

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Why the E-Wallet is in the Current Trend? The Key Features and Cost to Develop a Digital Wallet Mobile App for your business!

Chetan Patel January 4, 2019 0

Digital payments and related applications are in intense demand in today’s time. This is becoming an important asset across the globe. One can make finance-related activities in a quickly way despite waiting for a long while. The reason for getting popularity is this is a more reliable, secure, and flexible Digital Wallet Mobile App. It makes transaction processing very fast and convenient.

Mobile Payment Volume To Increase Tenfold By 2015 – 2021
Mobile Payment Volume

(Image Source: Statista)

As per a survey people often hesitate to use new digital platforms. In order to prevent that the application should be highly secure and flexible. So that newcomers also can get easily friendly on the mobile application.

What should be the key features of any Digital E-Wallet mobile app?

Well, this is a good question. Let’s have a look at on should be insights.

User Side Features:

User Side
  • Easy to understand and Interactive UI: The user interface is always a key part of the business perspective to get the user’s attraction towards the application. So an attractive UI facilitates the users a glance.
  • Registration Feature: This feature will allow the user to get registered on the application. The user can be registered using a phone or email. The user then needs to confirm the account and once the account gets confirmed then the user can proceed.
  • Integration Bank Account: The user will be able to integrate their authorized bank account with the digital wallet account instantly. Using a credit/debit card or net banking.
  • Wallet Topup/ Add Money: The user can add money to the wallet from the respective integrated bank. That amount of money will be reflected in the wallet after adding.
  • Send Money: The user will be able to transfer the money in various ways. This transfer amount activity will take some specific information about a receiver. The money could be transferred to the bank account or to another wallet as well.
  • Passbook Feature: This feature allows the user to check the wallet amount and the recent transaction that occurred as well.
  • Receive Payment: A user can receive payments from the users associated with the application.
  • Pay Bills: This app will allow the user to pay various bills using a high functionality the app will be able to fetch the bill details associated with a number.
  • Invoice and Receipts: Upon each transaction, a receipt or an invoice should generate and send to the user on registered contact.
  • Scan To Pay: Each registered user will assign a QR code. That QR code securely has some useful information. Upon scanning this QR code the user will be able to pay the associated users.
  • Offers and Promotions: Offers are a lucrative functionality from the business perspective in order to enhance the audience, The admin will be able to add relevant offers and the user then can utilize the benefits associated with that offer.

Admin Side Features:

Admin SIde
  • User Side Management: Admin will be able to manage all users registered with the application along with the transactions and also be able to track the activities on the application. Also, the admin will be able to block and add any specific user.
  • Dashboard: The dashboard will show the admin a quick figure and characteristics about the overall progress of the application in the form of figures and charts.
  • Offers management: Admin can create offers, and coupons and also will be able to track and manage them.
  • Reports: The admin will be able to get the business data in the form of reports.
  • Transaction Management: The admin will be able to track and manage all transactions accruing on the platform.

The Must-have Generic Features:

  • Data Synchronisation: This feature enables the application to synchronize the user’s data with their registered social networks and registered mobile numbers. Hence, we can deliver accuracy and high-level security.
  • Calendars: The calendar helps the users to remind the next transaction or bill payment date in order to reduce human mental efforts. The user can simply highlight the dates on the calendar. The calendar also allows setting the reminder alert option to receive the reminder notification for the payment or transaction instead.
  • QR Code Integration: QR code feature allows the user to simply make payments in a very highly effective and quick manner. It has become much easier to generate customized QR codes as compared to plain and simple black/white codes using certain libraries.
  • In-app Camera feature: An in-app camera is a great feature when it comes to scanning the QR code. This allows getting confirmation within an app so as validate all the fund transfer requests frequently.
  • Push Notifications feature: Push notification functionality will keep the users always attentive. The app informs users about different events like rewards, payment confirmation, and other important alerts. So that any sort of important notice can’t get missed.

Final Word

How much it cost to develop a digital wallet mobile app?

Building a digital e-wallet mobile application could be simple and challenging as well. That depends on the feature it has and the utilities it provides. A mobile wallet with key features that serve as an MVP or Minimum Viable Product can be anywhere between $10000 to $20000 USD and can take between 2–3 months.

Would you like to develop an e-wallet mobile app?

Contact us for a free one-to-one consultation with our team of expert mobile app developers.

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