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Thank You for 100+ Reviews on Shopify Partner Profile – Metizsoft Solutions

Chetan Patel March 6, 2022 0

We are thankful to our clients for their wonderful response to our service.

For years we have served our clients with the most advanced and sophisticated Shopify development service.

In effect, they have provided our most satisfied client testimonials about our outstanding services.

Your support has been our key motivation to excel and grow with our feature-rich customer e-commerce development services.

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In spite of our skyrocketing reputation and client backing, we still think there are several areas that still need improvement.

We are committed to making your business grow and achieve new heights of excellence with our development services.

Thank you again for your sincere support to keep the momentum high and rocking!!

Regards, Manthan Bhavsar

Official Shopify Experts Profile:

Metizsoft Solution’s Annual Trip to Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan, Done & Stored in The Fun-Loving Memory Lane!

Manthan Bhavsar December 22, 2021 0

Once in a while, a break from the daily hustle becomes relevant to rearrange your tired soul. A trip to an unknown place becomes vital to discover something new. Something that will add adventure to your life and bring a smile every time you sneak peeks into memory lane.

Our recent office trip to Kumbhalgarh Fort is a sheer example of adventure and fun. Even now, we can’t stop gossiping about it. Our mind, followed by the phone gallery, keeps reminding us of the best two days we spent over the last weekend, and the experience we had is worth a share.

The Journey Begins…

Considering the distance of the tour, we had booked a luxurious Bus with all comforts enabled. On 17th December at 10 PM, the bus departed from ISKCON carrying a few of our colleagues towards Navrangpura to add more. Then towards C.T.M (3rd stoppage) and Thakkar Nagar (4th stoppage). Finally, at 11:45 PM, we started our journey from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, enriching towards the Kumbha Residency – Luxury Resort.

But, wait, can you imagine the crazy vibe inside the bus. Well, it was like a bus turned into a drama stage. Throughout the journey, not for a moment, we stopped Singing And Dancing. Some weird, crazy dance moves followed by Antakshari, we turned the bus’s ambiance inside out until we stopped at the border for a 15-minute tea break.

After running a few kilometers, there’s occur some technical issue with the bus, just like old Bollywood movies. But, we turned that chaos into an opportunity. We took the situation into our command and started gathering woods for a bonfire.

Let us assure you, a Bonfire surrounded by friends on a cold night going for a trip is the best combination one can experience in their entire life.

If you have had the same experience so far, we would love to read about it in the comment section below.

Finally, We Reached Kumbha Residency – Luxury Resort

The clock tickled around 10:15 PM (Morning, 18th December) when we stopped at the Kumbha Residency.

We received a warm, Welcoming Gesture from the resort owner and other staff upon arriving. The team held trays full of Welcoming Soft Drinks, and we saw a violinist playing the local folk fare. Ahh, we never had dreamt of such welcome, to be honest! After a while, they handed over the room keys and asked us to come for Breakfast at the poolside.

Hearing the word poolside, a few of our colleagues went straight to the Swimming Pool to take around inside. It seems like they have waited for the moment since the journey’s beginning.

Kumbha Residency – Luxury Resort

If we have to describe the Kumbha Residency in one word, then it would be “Paradise – A Heaven On Earth.” We were amazed at the architecture and view. A long cold night journey’s stiffness seems to be long gone with the Mesmerizing Scenery and Grandeur Facility. There is no need to describe its hospitality as it was renowned as the best compared to many.

Scenes Post Breakfast:

After loading our stomachs with healthy and Delicious Delicacies, we took a detour of the resort. Till lunch, we had a Full-Fledged Photo Session Of the Whole Metizsoft Team. Some photogenic took it to the next level and pledged themselves to Extreme Level Photography as they are doing some documentary shooting.

After that, we had lunch and went to our rooms to rest. We Visited The Sports Area in the evening, indulging ourselves in Carom, Table Tennis, and other sports activities. Around 8 PM, we took our dinner and went straight to the hall for DJ Night.

Fun During The DJ Night:

The DJ Night Went up from 10 to 12. But the 2 hours felt like it shouldn’t have ended ever. How come we explain this as we burst into a laugh remembering the fun? Some of us are pro-level performers, as few are still embracing. At that moment, we all discover that there is no such thing as authentic dance; if you have friends around, any form of dance is the best dance.

That’s how we put a full stop to the beautiful day.

Sunday Shines like Divine light in Kumbhalgarh Fort:

After finishing our breakfast, we headed towards the Kumbhalgarh Fort!

Kumbhalgarh Fort well known as the Great Wall Of India, is a Mewar fortress present on the western range of the Aravalli Hills. A perfect place for Tracking and Sightseeing. If you’re an adventure lover, this place is your ideal destination.

We could not cover the entire fort because of the time limit, but we explored a significant part of it. Jumping into Medieval Indian History, we were thrilled by the story connected to the fort. (Thanks to a few localities and Google, of course for their guidance)

Goodbyes Are Hard

We returned to the resort at around 11:30 AM and Checked Out at 11:45 AM. Our hearts are heavy while leaving the place, but we knew that the Cherish Able Moments we all had in the past two days would go down in the office trip history as one of the best trips ever.

While returning, we stopped at Udaipur for lunch and then at the border for a tea break in the evening. Around 8:00 PM, we took our Dinner, and at 11:00 PM, we reached Ahmedabad, and that’s how we ended our trip with all Thanking and Smiling.

Let’s Look Back at Metizsoft’s Memorable and Fun Trip to Mangarh Resort, Udaipur.

Chetan Patel March 16, 2021 0

As we know, 2020 was a challenging year for everyone because of the pandemic, but our employees worked hard even during this time of the pandemic, and their efforts are well appreciated. In the New Year 2021, we planned to go out and spend a fun weekend. Our company’s success is directly proportional to our employees’ hard work, and our employees deserve a fun gateway to enjoy themselves with each other and spend fun moments with the team.

This year, we decided to go out on a weekend trip to Mangarh resort, Udaipur. Udaipur, as we know, is the city of lakes, and there couldn’t be an any better place than it to spend the weekend, surrounded by nature with our colleagues.

So, Here We Go!

So, the fun begins! We left Ahmedabad at midnight for Udaipur, and the journey began. There’s a saying that the journey is even more beautiful than the destination, which is true. We sang songs and played games throughout the way and had a halt of 15-20 minutes for tea/coffee where the team had hot tea and energized themselves for the rest of the journey.

City of Lakes, Here We Come!

We reached Udaipur on 6th March, Saturday, at 5:30 in the morning and went to our destination, the beautiful Mangarh Resort Udaipur. The resort is a great place to spend the weekend peacefully, and we were more than happy to be there.

Rooms were allocated, and hot breakfast was served. We had south Indian breakfast, which was a great start to a fun-filled day.

After breakfast, we spent some leisure time and then gathered to play sports. After sports, we visited the City Palace Udaipur, which was built in the 16th century by Rana Udai Singh. The palace is a great historical monument that surprises us with its authenticity and architecture even today. We hired a guide to show us around the palace and got to know so much about the history of Udaipur.

We felt connected to our culture and heritage and got to see old musical instruments and battle equipments such as swords and the kings’ armour. We also got to learn a lot about our history and felt like going back in time.

We clicked loads of pictures in the picaresque city palace and had a great time.

We got tired after the sports and city palace tour and sat to have lip-smacking lunch. We had Gujrati food in the lunch, and it was so delicious that we went nom, nom, nom….

After Lunch, Fateh Sagar Lake and Nimach Maata Mandir

After lunch, we all sat in the bus and left for Fateh Sagar Lake. When you are in Udaipur, how can you miss Fateh Sagar and its snacks? Fateh Sagar is a great place to spend your evening peacefully with loads of activities to do, such as boating, tanga ride, camel riding, etc.

We enjoyed snacks and tea at Fateh Sagar and clicked loads of photos with each other and the team.

From Fateh Sagar, we left for Nimach Maata Mandir. The temple is at the height of 850 meters and it was a tough climb but when we reached there, the view was so amazing that all our efforts were worth it.

We could see the whole city of Udaipur from up there and it looked so beautiful. We clicked photos there and it was indeed an amazing experience.

After spending a fantastic time there, we returned to our resort at 8 pm, and it was time for dinner. When we are in Rajasthan, how can we miss Rajasthan food? So, we had lip-smacking Rajasthani food for dinner because, after all, it’s great to try out new cuisines.

And the Highlight of the Day!

How can we call it a day without dancing our hearts out? We danced after dinner and did the Garbaaa until our feet hurt, but it was worth it.

After the dance, we spent leisure time chatting with each other and then finally called it a night and went to bed.

Now Begins the Second Day of the Trip.

Now comes the second day of the trip, which was Sunday, 7th March 2021. We woke refreshed and energetic and had our breakfast. We had Gujarati snacks for breakfast because who can resist fafda and gathiya, isn’t it?

After breakfast, we went to Celebration mall, Udaipur and spent time there shopping. Celebration mall is the first heritage mall of India, and it looks like a palace, and we were awestruck with its architecture. We also went to the local market of Udaipur and explored the local life of the city. It was fun exploring the old city of Udaipur and wandering around in the streets. We also enjoyed auto ride there.

We came back to the resort and had lunch. We had Mexican cuisine in lunch, and it was so finger-clicking delicious. After lunch, we danced a little and clicked group photo with the whole Metizsoft team.

We had the best time in Mangarh resort, and exploring Udaipur was so amazing.

It was Time for the Departure!

After lunch and group photo, it was time for departure and going back to the pavilion. We made so many memories which will make this trip a memorable one and bring a smile on our faces whenever we will think about it.

We left at 3:30 pm from Udaipur for Ahmadabad and had a halt for tea/coffee at 5:30.

On the way to Ahmadabad, we sang songs, pulled each other’s leg and played Antakshri on the top of our voices. The employees dedicated songs to each other based on their personalities. It was so good to see everyone having so much fun and enjoying their trip at best.

We stopped at Hotel Anjali, Himmatnagar Highway, for dinner at 9 pm. For the last meal of the trip, we had delicious Punjabi food and called it a day. We finally reached Ahmadabad after two days of a fantastic trip.

All we can say is, this trip was one of the best trips for the Metizsoft team and a great chance to interact with each other. We are thankful to the whole Metizsoft family for making this trip memorable.

Which eCommerce Platform is the Best for your Business in 2022? Let’s have a look at these options.

Manthan Bhavsar March 4, 2021 0

Starting an eCommerce business is very exciting for everyone. When a business owner starts a new business, he has tons of things in his mind, such as creating a brand logo, branding, design, and website development. Among all the hustle, one thing that matters the most while developing a website is selecting the best eCommerce platforms for building the website.

Everyone wants their website to perform the best and have all the updated and powerful features. Savvy entrepreneurs always look for the best platform for their business, but they often get confused while choosing the right platform because of several eCommerce platform options.

Table of Contents

Let us first discuss what an eCommerce platform is.

The first thing that a person has to think of while developing a website or eCommerce store is selecting the right eCommerce platform. An eCommerce platform is a  powerful software that enables the commercial process of buying products over the internet.

An eCommerce platform is responsible for multiple tasks such as allowing buying and selling, making payments, transferring data over an electronic medium, etc.

There are several eCommerce platforms that the owners can select for building their websites and online stores, and all of these platforms have their distinct features and tools that make them unique.

This blog will discuss in-depth the top eCommerce platforms that you can choose for your business. These platforms are widely used and quite popular among entrepreneurs these days.

Before we begin our discussion of the top eCommerce platforms, we will know the two types of eCommerce platforms you can choose for your business.

Here are the two types of eCommerce platforms-

  • Hosted Platform

Some website developers offer a hosted platform where the clients don’t have to worry about third-party hosting and additional fees attached to it.

Shopify, for example, offers website hosting in every plan. All the Shopify updates are automatic, which means the site will always remain up-to-date.

Building a hosted eCommerce platform gives you more freedom to focus on running your business smoothly.

  • Self-hosting

Self-hosted on non-hosted eCommerce platforms require merchants to use their own server space or pay for the hosting to the third-party hosting provider.

It makes the ongoing projects a little complex as you will be responsible for the updates, maintenance, and bug fixes.

Self-hosted platforms are open source, so you have to use a third party to host your website data. Third-party will charge fees for their services, and these costs will add up to the overall costs.

Thus, self-hosting can cost you more than the hosted platforms and can leave you hanging sometimes.

These were the two types of eCommerce platforms to choose from. You have to be careful while selecting the right hosting as it is going to impact you further.

Now, let’s come back to discussing the best eCommerce platforms for 2022.

What are the types of an eCommerce businesses?

There are four types of eCommerce businesses that a business owner can choose from. These types are-

  • B2C

B2C stands for business to an individual customer. This type of eCommerce is where a business sells the products directly to the customers, and the relationship between them is direct. Because of the direct relationship between the business and the customer, B2C eCommerce is also known as DTC- direct-to-customer.

  • B2B

when one business sells to another business online, then it is B2B eCommerce. This type of eCommerce involves wholesale buying, where a business sells the products in bulk to another business, and the purchasing business resells it at a profit.

  • C2B

In this type, the customers sell to the businesses. The consumers get the selling power here. This type of eCommerce is not very traditional.

  • C2C

This is the type of eCommerce where one customer sells the products to other customers. This trend has gained popularity recently with the sharing economy. Examples of such eCommerce apps are eBay and OLX. Thrift stores have also emerged as a new form of C2C eCommerce.

Here is the list of the best eCommerce platforms in 2022.


1. Shopify

Let’s begin by talking about the eCommerce giant Shopify. Shopify is known as one of the biggest and most popular eCommerce platforms for businesses of all sizes. It is the most preferred platform for small businesses in the world.

The user interface of Shopify is straightforward to use, which makes it one of the best eCommerce platforms for small businesses. It has several essential features such as as-

Easy to use- To create a store on Shopify, you don’t need to have expert IT and coding skills. You can quickly build a responsive and fantastic store without much effort.

It offers multiple plans- Shopify provides various plans to choose from, such as basic Shopify, Shopify, and advanced Shopify. The prices of all these plans vary, and you can choose the right one as per your budget and requirement. Apart from these plans, there is Shopify plus, which is appropriate for large businesses.

Mobile app feature- you can build amazing mobile apps with Shopify eCommerce. The mobile feature lets you build apps for your business and run your business successfully without any hurdles.

eCommerce platforms for small businesses– If you have a small business, Shopify can help you grow and reach more customers online. Shopify has helped many business owners continue to assist business owners transform their businesses and achieve new success in the eCommerce industry.

Customer support– Apart from the fantastic features of Shopify, another reason for its huge success is its customer care service. Shopify has 24*7 customer support service available, which makes them approachable and trustable.

Overall, Shopify is a great option when you start from scratch and are looking for a user-friendly and easy-to-use store builder.


2. BigCommerce

Another great platform that we can’t miss is the BigCommerce platform. It’s none less than Shopify when it comes to features and performance.

Powerful tools– BigCommerce offers an extensive set of tools to help built powerful websites and eCommerce stores.

Sell your products quickly– BigCommerce is an excellent platform for you to branch out and sell your products through other mediums. You can also use your BigCommerce site to build stores on other sites like Amazon and eBay. Building an eCommerce store on BigCommerce can help you expand your business and reach new heights.

BigCommerce is flexible- BigCommerce is also flexible, making it easier for the developers to create the site effortlessly. A trustworthy BigCommerce development company can help you create the best eCommerce store and grow without any hurdles.

It offers 247 support- Like Shopify, BigCommerce also offers 247 support for all development-related needs. The support is quite helpful for the new developers as they can get expert help while developing the site.


3. Magento

How can we forget Magento when we talk about the top eCommerce platforms for our online business?

It is a popular eCommerce platform– It is one of the most widely-used and preferred eCommerce platforms for those who want a flexible, robust, and customizable eCommerce platform for their business.

Extensive SEO features- Magento comes with built-in SEO tools that help the search pages and improve the pages’ ranking on search engines. These in-built features include support for SEO-friendly URLs, generation of sitemaps, and meta-tagging of information.

Magento mobile app development- the Magento platform also develops mobile apps giving shoppers the best experience anytime from anywhere. The mobile app is powerful and feature-rich.

Magento can be a little complex despite having all these fantastic features since it requires advanced coding skills and expertise. If you manage the infrastructure yourself, you have to have the coding skills as are necessary for Magento.

Magento is a comparatively complex platform that requires extra effort and skills. It lacks the tools to create a seamless multichannel strategy.

Thus, if you have expertise and coding skills, you can go for the Magento eCommerce platform or can hire a Magento development company to work for you.


4. WooCommerce

If you have a blog for your business, you can use WordPress to host your blog. You can use the WooCommerce plugin for the development of your website. You consider this eCommerce platform for your small business.

Powerful WordPress plugin– wooCommerce works as a plugin to make it easy for you to create a functional eCommerce website. With WooCommerce, you can create a fully customizable website for your business. woocommerce creates a fully customizable website that works smoothly and is user-friendly.

It is open-source– It is an open-source eCommerce plugin that allows you to add eCommerce functionality to your online store.

Suitable for small businesses– This WordPress plugin is especially popular among small businesses already using WordPress for their blog or website.

It is user-friendly– Since wooCommerce is a user-friendly platform, one can quickly develop a website using this platform.

A massive community of developers- When you choose WooCommerce for WordPress for your online eCommerce store development, you will have an enormous community of developers to help and assist you in case you come across any errors or problems during the development phase.


5. Wix eCommerce

Wix is considered to be the best online store builder for start-ups and small businesses. Wix has excellent value for money, fantastic design, and ease of use.

Offers cheaper plans– Wix offers plans with unique features, less expensive than most of its competitors like Shopify.

Suitable eCommerce platform for small businesses– This platform enables small businesses to sell their products quickly on uniquely designed websites. This also helps them reach a wider audience and increase sales ultimately.

To create a customized store- With Wix, one can add and remove features as per their business needs. This feature enables the customers to develop their customized online store as per their requirements.

It provides powerful tools- Like many of its contemporary platforms, Wix also provides many powerful tools which help you smoothly sell your products on multiple channels like Facebook and Instagram.

If you are running a small business with a small product selection, Wix eCommerce might be the best eCommerce platform for you in 2022.


6. Big cartel

Fully hosted platform- Big Cartel is a fully hosted eCommerce solution and website builder designed for creative people like artists and crafters.

Provides many templates- It offers loads of templates, domain name registration, and marketing tools.

It is a bonus platform- Big cartel is like a bonus platform and is excellent for products like hand-made jewelry, prints of art, or a unique fashion line. If you have a unique hand-made product or creative business, this platform might work for you.

It allows you to change your website’s look, but it limits the merchants to five images for each product. This might become a problem for some business owners.

Apart from this limitation, payment and integration options are also limited, making it much harder to scale as a multichannel business.


7. Volusion

An eCommerce shopping cart software- Volusion is an eCommerce website store and shopping cart software that provides features and tools for website development.

Easy to track site’s performance- Volusion provides no illusion when it comes to data reports, as everything you need for tracking the site’s performance and progress is in one place.

Offers several data tools- Volusion comes with several data tools that help you measure how successful your pages are and improve the site’s performance.

Volusion, unlike other eCommerce platforms, doesn’t provide the best website features as it doesn’t offer a blogging tool, which is its major drawback.

If you wish to grow and expand your business, you can give Volusion a try.

How to choose the right eCommerce platform for your online business?

The platforms mentioned above are the top and best online store platforms that you can keep an eye on while choosing an eCommerce platform for your online business in 2022.

The final decision of selecting the right platform is on you. You have to select a platform that fulfills your business needs the most.

To get the best benefits, you can hire experts and developers to help you choose the right platform and website development.

For the bright future of eCommerce 2022, the platform you choose for your business will impact your website’s performance the most.

Therefore, choose wisely and take the assistance of the experts if needed.

Are you in search of an eCommerce development company?

When you decide to start your eCommerce store, you will get the best results when you hire an eCommerce Development Company for developing the most unique and powerful website for your business.

A development company has expertise in all types of eCommerce platforms and can even help you decide on the right platform for your business.

Start selling online with Shopify

Metizsoft Solution is a renowned name for eCommerce website development and Shopify development. We have a team of Shopify developers working dedicatedly to meet the needs of the clients.

You can hire a Shopify developer from our company and have the website of your dreams. Our Shopify experts will help you with Shopify design pricing and other aspects of the development.

We will help you throughout the website development process and serve you with the development of the best online store platforms.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Remote Developers During Covid-19 Outbreak? Let us see!

Manthan Bhavsar July 7, 2020 0

As we know, 2020 didn’t go as we all had expected. The Covid-19 outbreak has affected a large number of businesses. During such time, online business is the need of the hour.

In March 2020, Covid-19 was officially declared, and the pandemic has caused havoc globally. a complete lockdown was implemented in many countries of the world to restrict the spread of infection.

During such time, the demand for remote developers is increasing. Undoubtedly, the Covid-19 outbreak has affected businesses and has increased the demand for eCommerce businesses to meet the basic needs of the people.

To solve the problem of increasing demand, businesses have shifted their work patterns and adopted remote work to avoid any contact between employees.

To run your business usually without any health risks, you need to hire remote developers from top-rated companies to run the business smoothly.

All the employees are working from home and performing their duties. They are contributing to the smooth functioning of the company during such tough times.

Now let’s look at the benefits of hiring remote developers during the Covid-19 outbreak. Let’s begin!

  • Safety comes first

As we know, Coronavirus is contagious, and therefore, prevention is better than cure. Any physical contact has to be prevented.

Safety is the priority of each and every one in such a situation.  When you hire remote developers, you are preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

This ensures that the employees are in good health as they are working from home and are protected.

  • Easy to manage

Organizations around the globe are looking for best practices for managing employees and their health. The best practice for this is to work from home.

During such time, remote developers are hired to ease the development process. In such a case, the developers are safe and sound, and the development process goes own smoothly as well.

  • Improved work quality

Dedicated remote teams improve employee productivity by 43%. Working remotely ensures a better work-life balance which keeps the employees motivated, happy, and focused.

Remote employees offer better quality work and fulfill their duties regularly with 78% less stress.

  • Increased flexibility

When the developers work remotely from home, it brings more flexibility to the work process. Remote developers scale up the workflow and are more productive and flexible in their work.

Working from home is the only possible way of working in a situation like this. Managers should not worry about the lack of communication and reduced productivity.

  • Higher ROI

Companies are investing in modern communication and technology as well as collaboration tools like Office 365, Microsoft teams, etc. as remote work has risen due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Remote work means all the decisions will be discussed online like online messaging, online meetings, and online document sharing.

When companies invest in modern communication and technology, the return on investment will be higher, especially during such a time of coronavirus outbreak.

  • Improvement in the efficiency

Another benefit of remote developers during the Covid-19 outbreak is the improvement in the efficiency of the work.

When you choose a developer, the responsibility to deliver the project goes to the partner and makes sure they match all the requirements.

With newer technologies, the process to track the project becomes quite easy.

  • Remote working is the future

Remote working seems like the future of doing business. Working from home is going to become the new normal in the future, especially in the IT industry.

After this COVID-29 outbreak, more and more companies are looking forward to implementing work-from-home and encouraging their employees to work from home. So, your home might be your office in the future.

Why should you hire remote developers during the Covid-19 pandemic?

The benefits of hiring remote developers are many, here’s why you should hire them-

  • outsourcing remote developers to prevent the spread of the virus
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduction in the employment cost
  • Higher flexibility
  • Faster business scalability

The benefits of remote developers are not limited to the above. There are many other benefits, such as affordability, higher employee retention, and much more.

Hiring remote developers is a great way to avoid any physical contact at times when maintaining distance and staying distant from social engagements is a must.

Do you want to hire remote developers?

If you are looking to hire remote developers for your business, Metizsoft Solutions is the right choice for you. You must have realized by now that there are many benefits to hiring remote developers, and Metizsoft Solutions will help you hire dedicated developers from Metizsoft for your next project.

Our team of remote developers is qualified and skilled enough to provide great website and mobile app development services even in times like these.

Our remote employees work effectively and stay connected with you via videoconferencing and other social tools to maintain communication.

Get in touch with us today, and we will assist you further.

What’s Next for Magento 1 Users After June 2020 Deadline?

Manthan Bhavsar June 30, 2020 0

What’s The Whole ‘Fuss’ about?

Magento has formally announced the end date for its Magento 1 platform which is June 2020. As this news broke out, many existing Magento 1 users were wondering about its impact on their E-Commerce store.

However, the online shopping platform has already made it clear through its blog that merchants will be supported in this transition phase and it will stand on its customer side if they move to Magento 2 or any other e-commerce platform such as Shopify.

This whole development has left Magento 1 users with two options. The first option they have is to upgrade their online store to Magento 2 version. The second option they can consider is to move to Shopify, another E-Commerce platform.

How ‘Shopify’ Has Come Into This Whole Picture?

You all are well aware that Shopify and Magento are two very strong and popular E-Commerce platforms. Both have their own USP- Unique Selling Proposition.

If Shopify is liked by non-technical business guys so is Magento which is very popular among ‘sophisticated’ online merchants who knew a bit about coding.

Shopify has come into this picture because it can be a viable option for Magento 1 users who wants to move to another E-Commerce platform instead of continuing with Magento through Magento 2.

Why Choose Shopify When You have Magento 2?

As a matter of fact, you can upgrade your Magento 1 store with the help of Magento Developers. If not, you can consider moving to Shopify. The benefits associated with the Shopify platform are as follows:

  • Simple platform- No need to learn to code
  • Functionality-wise- Easy to use
  • Comes with exciting themes and apps
  • 24/7 support
  • SEO friendly
  • Cost-friendly platform as compared to Magento

Besides the above benefits, every Shopify plan provides you with a Free SSL Certificate to let your customers know that your website is safe to use.

Similarly, it also provides you with unlimited storage facilities and unlimited bandwidth. The Fraud Analysis facility by Shopify will keep your site safe from hackers and theft.

Need More Help?

It’s time to make a decision. If you want to shift your business from Magento to Shopify, please contact us and tell us your business requirements.

We are an official Shopify Partner and have helped hundreds of clients in setting and maintain their Shopify store online.

If you have any other confusion or need the services of Magento Developers, feel free to contact us at

We are 8 Years Old! Let’s Walk Down the Memory Lane and Cherish all these Years!

Manthan Bhavsar April 1, 2020 0


First of all, we like to congratulate the whole Metizsoft team on completion of a glorious 8 years!

We have completed 8 glorious years in the field of information technology. We started with just an idea and now we are here. Through these years, one thing that has remained constant is our quality services and our gist of improving ourselves in order to fulfil customers’ needs and requirements.

Metizsoft’s journey has been an amazing and memorable one. With each passing year, we have evolved and improved and we are grateful for all those who have trusted us all these years. These eight years would not have been successful without the efforts of our skilled team.

Seeing the company growing in front of your eyes feels fantastic but this doesn’t come easy. We have achieved great heights but have also faced great challenges but we didn’t give up. We are a renowned name today all because of the years of hard work and dedication put into the work by the organization in order to remain competitive in the industry.

From 8 to infinity…!

Although every anniversary is special and demands a great celebration this year, we are a lot more excited as we have achieved various milestones this year and have established Metizsoft as a leading eCommerce development company in India as well as overseas. We are expanding our business operations and entering into new markets for better opportunities.

When we rotate the figure ‘8’ to right, it makes the symbol of ‘infinity’ and we hope Metizsoft achieves greater heights for infinite years to come.

What makes Metizsoft one of the best companies over all these years?

Metizsoft has achieved a lot in all these years and has established itself as one of the most trusted eCommerce companies. At this occasion of the eighth anniversary, let us look at some of the best things that define Metizsoft-

Let’s begin from the Beginning

Metizsoft came into existence on 1st April 2012. It was the vision of Mr. Chetan Sheladiya and Mr. Manthan Bhavsar that became the pillars of this dynamic company. Both of them dedicatedly worked to give this company a name and recognition that it deserved.

Later on, when employees joined, the company that was started by two individuals became a family and today it has a team of 50+ employees. Today after 8 years, we can successfully claim that it operates worldwide and has clients from around the globe who trust us.

Now, let’s talk about the Stars of Metizsoft

What is a business without assets? Metizsoft Solutions shine bright in the wider world because of its stars, i.e, it’s employees. The core strength of Metizsoft is the individuals who work here. It’s because of the constant efforts and dedication of our employees that we have excelled in the industry.

team metiz

Positive Work Environment

The work environment at Metizsoft is quite cool. All the employees work together as a family and which makes a lively environment within the work walls of Metizsoft. A healthy work environment matters a lot for the growth of the business as well as employees’ satisfaction.

Happy & Satisfied Clients Over the Years

We have worked for many clients in these 8 years. We were successful in retaining the trust of clients from across the globe and maintain friendly relationships with them. We have made many friends in all these years and have many satisfied clients in our list.

The Big Vision for Future

Metizsoft believes that when you put your 100% efforts, the hard work always pays off. Our vision is not just limited to creating powerful and feature-filled websites, apps and stores but we always look forward to experimenting and create out-of-the-box apps and stores and create something that echoes the values we always believe in.

For us, Happiness Matters the Most!

We believe that laughter is the best medicine. We ensure that we keep our employees as well as our clients happy. We keep the environment in the office lively by engaging with each other by laughing together in break time. We believe that you will give your best when you are genuinely happy and therefore we make sure that the work we do don’t bore us.

We are Great Learners

We always believe in learning and keep ourselves updated with the latest and most updated technology. We learn from our mistakes (which are very less btw) and try to improve, always. Our developers and designers are great learners who show full enthusiasm in learning whatever new comes in the IT world.

What’s next for us?

As we are successfully celebrating 8 years anniversary, we have great plans for the future. We have to keep up with the growing and advanced technology and condition ourselves to give the best possible services in any given condition. We completely believe in the saying, “honesty is the best policy” and we remain true to our values as a company.

We have high hopes for an even greater success of our company and we work towards achieving it together with a positive frame of mind.

happy 8th anniversary

So, what are our plans for our 8th Work Anniversary?

We wanted to make this day the most memorable for our team one, therefore; we wanted to celebrate our 8th work anniversary with Metizsoft family with loads of fun but due to the current lockdown because of COVID-19 virus, unfortunately, we will not be able to celebrate it together. Right now being responsible citizens of India, we are staying at our homes and contributing to breaking the chain of the virus.

On the occasion of our 8th work anniversary, Metizsoft Team is going to wear their Metizsoft t-shirts provided by the company and we will all have a team zoom video call. We will wish each other and chat for a while. This will enlighten the mood of the Metizsoft team and bring all of us together, (online of course.) This year, we will celebrate it like this but it will be worth it because staying at home is the most important right now.

Let’s Say Good Bye to 2019 and Welcome 2020!

Chetan Patel January 15, 2020 0

“Let’s welcome 2020 with Metiz fin de año fiestas”

As we came to the end of the year 2019, we are happy that it had been a wonderful year for us. The success of our company is directly proportional to the efforts and hard work of our employees. To appreciate their hard work and dedication, we decided to take them out on a one-day picnic at A.A.R.T.I, which stands for Anant Agrofoods Resort And Training Inc. Which is a great place for spending a day out with colleagues.

year end picnic

When we reached A.A.R.T.I, we were heartily welcomed. They served us hot breakfast, and we went nom, nom, nom….

jungle safari

Now what?

After having our tummies full, we went on a jungle safari, interesting sound right? Well, we had great fun.

rope walk

It was a day full of adventure, as we all did a lot of adventurous activities together. All the fun activities such as zigzag, rope walk, zip line, etc.

adventure acvitivy

These activities helped all the employees to come out of their comfort zone and all of them enjoyed these activities to the core.

adventure walk

It’s time to fill our bellies again!

All of these activities made us hungry again as we were craving some delicious food to fill our tummies.

camel cart ride

To our surprise, we were taken to the restaurants on a camel cart. Out of the crowded roads and pollution of the city, all the employees enjoyed the camel ride.

authentic kathiyawadi cuisine

We reached the restaurant of the resort, and they served us authentic kathiyawadi cuisine. Who doesn’t like authentic food and we must say the food there was delicious.

funny games

Now it’s time for some fun games

We charged ourselves with delicious food and now we were ready to play some fun games.

marbel games

These games were a great chance for all the employees to bond and coordinate with each other.

tag of war

We played games like tug of war, musical chairs, cricket, and many more. It was such a fun time for all the employees.

rope walk kids

It’s time for Hi-Tea

Now it’s time for snacks. All of us had to steam hot tea with Samosas and interacted with each other. All of us sat and relaxed and had a peaceful time.

relex time

Now comes the best part

Now comes the best part of the picnic, the gift distribution. All the employees gifted each other some gifts secretively. Everyone was quite surprised and happy with their gifts, and it was a great way to maintain harmony and friendliness between the Metizsoft family.

gift distribution

We all clicked a lot of group photos to lock this day into memories.

Now the highlight of the day…

How can we forget Garba?

For Gujjus, no event is complete with Garba…
Ae Haaaaloo Garba ramva….

We ended our picnic with loads of fun, photos, and memories. We are thankful to our whole team for making this picnic so fun-filled and memorable.

It was simply an amazing day out for all the Metizsoftians. Announced Metizsoft As A Top Flutter App Development Company.

Chetan Patel July 15, 2019 0

Flutter is the revolutionary new framework developed by Google that gives developers the freedom to build great-looking Hybrid apps, in a cost-effective e and relatively shorter time frame.

Flutter lets you develop hybrid apps which are compatible and smooth on both iOS and Android devices and perform just like a native app.

The leading Flutter app development companies were listed in a press release by, which is a well-respected directory of IT service providers.

Developing apps in flutter demands sound coding knowledge and programmers should be well versed in DART, Google’s own programming language on which Flutter is based. Being featured in the list of top Flutter app developers proves our agility as a company in keeping pace with the latest developments in the app development industry.

Metizsoft Solutions is a company having a global presence, with offices in India, the USA, Singapore, and Australia.

@TopDevelopersCo Announced ? @Metizsoft As A Top ? Flutter App Development Company. #flutterdev #mobileapps #appdevelopment #company

— Metizsoft (@Metizsoft) July 16, 2019

Our global presence has enabled us to understand the nuances of the local market and cater to clients’ demands in a better manner.

In the past 6 years, we have grown into a 100-employee organization and have served 500+ clients in the process.

We have focused on upgrading our qualities constantly and have attained many credible certifications in the process which includes official Shopify certified partner, Volusion experts, soundest experts, and BigCommerce re-seller partner.

Apart from being a top flutter developer, Metizsoft is well-versed in providing a variety of different IT services which include IoT app development, e-commerce app development, and Blockchain development.

We have worked across industry verticals developing products in the medical, spirituality, e-commerce, delivery apps, finance, and pharm genres.

Through these, we have gained invaluable experience across a broad spectrum of industries. A quick look at the work profile of Metizsoft will give you more confidence in our abilities to complete your project.

We would like to thank for their unbiased research and analysis which listed our company as a top Flutter Developer. This recognition makes us proud and adds value to our efforts and hard work in the industry.

They were neutral in their approach and were a charm to work with.

Metizsoft ’s profile on is an apt place to know about us in brief. We found the platform an exclusive medium where we can connect with our potential clients effortlessly.

Who are TopDevelopers? is a widely respected directory and review platform for IT service providers.

The team of analysts TopDevelopers deploys vets through the companies with the precision of a surgeon ensuring that only the most competitive firms, businesses, enterprises, and entrepreneurs are filtered through their stringent parameters.

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They provide listing services for various technologies and services, which makes it a one-stop destination to find your perfect technology partner.

Celebrating the Tale of Metizsoft’s Seven Glorious Years

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It’s been seven years since we landed on this planet. Metizsoft’s journey through these seven years is exciting, challenging, and memorable.

‘Exciting’ because we were creating our own path into unknown territories to test ourselves. ‘Challenging’ because we were competing with the ‘best’ in the world of e-commerce and information technology.

And yes! It has been a ‘memorable’ journey as we were working as a close-knit team for all these years.

Most importantly, these seven years also represent the hard work and dedication put in by the Metizsoft team to stay and thrive in this competitive business environment.

What Makes This Seventh Anniversary Special?

Although every successful completion of a year is a milestone in itself.

However, this anniversary is special because it comes at a time when we are growing as a company, searching for new horizons, and expanding our business operations into new market possibilities.

‘seven’ best things that define Metizsoft are as follows:

Humble Beginnings

Metizsoft group came into existence on 1 April 2012. It was the vision of leaders like Mr. Chetan Sheladiya and Mr. Manthan Bhavsar that laid the foundation of this dynamic company.

The origins of the company were very humble. The company was fully self-financed and started with 1-2 developers operating in the Navrangpura area of Ahmedabad.

Today, it operates worldwide and has clients from many different countries. Its employee strength has also reached the double figure of 50+.

Dedicated Employees

The core strength of Metizsoft is the individuals who work here. They are smart, hardworking, and sensible people. They put their best efforts to achieve both personal and organizational goals.

Work Atmosphere

The work atmosphere here is cool and open. You will always find a lively environment within the work walls of Metizsoft.

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is the foremost agenda that drives our day-to-day operations.

We always believe in delivering solutions that make our clients happy and satisfied. To achieve this, we make sure that there is always a communication line open between our clients and developers while working on a project.

No Fear of Taking Risks

At Metizsoft, we do not hesitate to take risks. We open our range of work in new territories and explore what the shore on the other side of the ocean can offer us.

Big Vision

Big Vision

Metizsoft is not just another business entity out there. Our vision is not just limited to creating websites, and apps and building great business milestones. We think high and we work to create something that echoes the values we believe in.



At Metizsoft, we laugh a lot. We ensure that the work we do never bores us. We keep the office environment lively and engaging by sharing jokes with each other and having lunch together during break time.

What’s Next for us?

As a group and a team, we have to move on. We have to keep pace with the changing nature of technology and thus better ourselves by improving our skill set. At the same time, we have to help each other in realizing one’s true potential. Most importantly we have to be honest with ourselves, honest with our work, honest with people around us, and yes! Honest to our nation as a citizen of this country.

Once Again! Happy 7th Anniversary to the All of Metizsoft Team!

How we are going to Celebrate This Great Occasion?

The importance of ‘food’ to mark any great occasion is mentioned in every sacred literature. Since ancient times eating together is seen as a way to firm our ties and enjoy the very moment.


Therefore, the Metizsoft team is making the day more special by having dinner together at Five Petals Hotel and Banquets. It’s a great place to enjoy and serve your taste buds.

Team Metizsoft

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