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Why should you opt for Python for your ECommerce development?

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Python For eCommerce

The convenience of online shopping has gone to another level in the last decade. The ECommerce industry is booming from all prospects thanks to easy access to the internet and smartphones. It has also become one of the leading business segments with high-end revenue and job profiles.

 As per market pundits, eCommerce will singlehandedly produce 24.5% of total global retail sales by 2025. Interesting right? Within less than a two-decade, it has become one of the prominent business segments with a multi-billion dollar turn in the sector with a permanent audience base, multiplying every minute.

The demand for ECommerce is extensive, and so is the craftsmanship behind building robust, high-performing websites, Apps, and Platforms.

Many frontlines and emerging ECommerce development companies have tried their best to build highly scalable and user-friendly websites and apps lately.

As a result, the usage of popular programming languages like Python has been experiencing significant growth in its GitHub repository.

So let’s find out why eCommerce development enterprises have started using Python out of many. What’s unique it offers that makes it the most suitable eCommerce development language.

10 Core components of Python that make it the most influential programming language for ECommerce development:

Choosing the right set of programming languages or frameworks becomes inevitable as it defines its performance, scalability, and adaptability in multiple devices and platforms.

Anyway, Python offers all these within its limitation in the best possible ways, and that’s why it has emerged as a prime choice for ECommerce web development.

Now, its time to look at some core benefits of Python for ECommerce development:


Python tends to be user-friendly compared to any other top-listed programming. It is easy to understand, and both entry-level and experienced enthusiasts find it tempting and easy to use.

Anyone wishing to go with Python can easily access its tutorials and GitHub repository to get source code and use it conveniently.

Best-in-Class Scalability

The demand for highly scalable ECommerce platforms multiplies, and so does Python for ECommerce development. It is considerably easy to scale as it handles multiple user requests simultaneously.

It has robust coding & development capabilities that ensures reliable support for both vertical and horizontal scaling in an ECommerce website.

It boosts the performance and speed of the website without any additional hindrance.

An Extensive Set of Libraries

Python has tons of libraries to offer. From text processing, data processing, and database manipulation. Developers can pick any library they want and use it accordingly.​​

TensorFlow, PyTorch, Theano, Keras, and Selenium are some of the renowned libraries of Python. These libraries possess capabilities of high-end analytics, NLP, and CGI scripting.

Python developers use these libraries to enable rapid feature development without additional research.

Huge Development Frameworks

Python is a leading application development framework. Similar to libraries, it has an enormous set of frameworks, including Django, Flask, Cherry2Py, Web2Py, and TurboGears, which are pretty famous among developers.

Django is a trendy and broadly used Python development framework based on the “Don’t Repeat Yourself” philosophy that simplifies the overall development process.

High-End Security

ECommerce sites need to ensure advanced and high-tech security to its user. Because an ECommerce site has multiple payment options carrying users’ buying details, including card (Credit/debit) credentials.

Python sounds like a great option to ensure the complete safety and security of those data and payment details.

Python has built-in security features that prevent ECommerce platforms from SQL injection and phishing attacks.

Also, its libraries and modules offer data protection during transactions and two-way authentication that secures card details, UPI details, and more during the transaction (National/International).

Easy Geolocation Integration

Python gives the advantage of building ECommerce websites that work proficiently in particular geolocation.

The Geolocation integration functionality helps the users to filter out the available product and relevant service centers in a specific location at a particular time.

It significantly enhances user experience and boosts sales while saving time and effort.

Efficient Shipping Integration

Shipping is an essential component of any ECommerce business. Making your shipping process clear, safe, and precise will enhance your market position and boost your sales.

No one likes their shopped products to reach them damaged or late. Poor shipping service can kill, and high standard shipping service can build your business, remember that.

In this segment, the role of Python frameworks becomes inevitable as it ensures easier Shipping integration with its many built-in delivery services.

It allows you to offer your customers specialized delivery choices, like flat-rate and multi-level shipping.

Massive Customer & Community Support

Python has an extensive developer community with over 10 million developers growing daily. Pythons guide, tutorials, and documents regarding ECommerce web app development with Python are readily available online.

Also, thousands of Python development companies have been there to guide you with their dynamic python development service, which includes bespoke support and assistance.

Saves Development Time, Cost & Effort

Using Python significantly saves your developers time and effort while working on the project. Also, it reduces your development cost because compared to other top-level programs like C and Java, Python sort out the matter within a few lines of code.

It never allows developers to extend the code lines unnecessarily. Due to this, Python programmers sum up the process within the deadline, and the development cost wrapups automatically within the budget.

Advanced Database Management

Managing a database is challenging, no matter which platform or system you manage or work on. Clear and precise database updates and management shows your awareness of the modular changes.

It also makes your ECommerce systems user-friendly which ultimately ensures better user engagement. Using Python for ECommerce development, you can easily regulate and maintain your ECommerce site database.

Plus, you can add or modify customer details, shipping addresses, and payment options to make it more convenient for users.

Wrapping Up

Since its release, Python has attracted enterprises and developers due to its robust components and seamless development quality.

Now, it has global acceptance with 140,284 live websites and powers 2.65% of the top 10,000 websites on the internet.

And why not? The future of websites and apps belongs to the secure, scalable, and reliable programming language, and Python offers all these prospects without compromising performance.

As far as the combination of Python and ECommerce goes, it’s an undisputed and most comprehensive match ever made in the history of programming language and a platform.

Many enterprises globally have worked on similar projects, and few are still exploring the broadest ways of developing intuitive, high-performing ECommerce websites with this combination.

Metizsoft Solution, a leading Python development company, is your one-stop destination if you are looking to hire Python developers for your next ECommerce project.

An Inside-Out Digital Marketing Overview – Know all that Matters!

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Digital Marketing Overview

Digital Marketing – Abbreviation!

When two extraordinarily talented and smart guys join hands, they do wonders. I am unsure whether this has been a famous saying, but I believe in the context. Digital marketing is nothing different than this.

It’s a combination of two words Digital (Everything that’d done on digital platforms using the internet) and Marketing (the promotion of your products or service to improve its usage that leads to high-end ROI).

Digital marketing help enterprises and entrepreneurs better optimize their websites, social media sites, blogs, landing pages rank, Emails, and campaigns to enhance the overall ROI (Rate of Interest).

According to the HubSpot report, 77% of consumers go through extensive research of brands they wish to engage in doing business with, and 51% do the same before buying any products.

These numbers are massive as it shows how digital marketing has surpassed traditional marketing fundamentals, ensuring a promising future.

How does Digital Marketing Work?

Lately, not more than 15 years back, corporations used print media (newspapers, magazines, posters), television (video ads, headlines), and radio (announcements) channels to do their entire service and product marketing.

However, these options still have impacts, but the rise of digital screens and the internet led them to enhance digital marketing to enrich the global customer base. And why not? Digital marketing is easier to manage and offers a cost-effective solution.

Moreover, websites, social media, Email, texting apps, and Youtube have ensured quick and precise two-way interaction between the company and the customer.

These forms of digital marketing are simple to use and optimize. For example, when you opt for a blog or, as we know, a digital article, the content writer from your hired digital marketing form will prepare the content relevant to your subject with the right set of keyword stuffing and forward it to the SEO guy for review.

The SEO or Search Engine Optimization executives then thoroughly optimize that writing and publish it on your website’s blog section. Once published, he/she will share that blog link in various mediums to enhance its visibility.

The more readers will click on the link and spend time reading the blog, the more viewership you will get, and your blog’s ranking will improve.

Similarly, the rest of the segment, like email marketing, PPC, or Pay per click, happens. A quick setup followed by design/development of content and template, then promotion on various channels.

This way, digital marketing ensures the best possible results for your brand’s image in the global digital marketplace.

It is nothing but a clear review of your requirements, in detail R & D, and choosing an impactful strategy to get desirable results. 

Digital Marketing – Key Benefits!

Digital marketing, compared to traditional marketing, can boost your revenue by opening new methods of customer engagement. Firstly, it will help you identify your target audience who most likely buy your products or implement your services.

Some of the classified benefits of Digital Marketing are:

-> First and foremost, it is more cost effective than traditional or outbound marketing.

-> Digital Marketing is easier to adopt, and changes are measurable.

-> Your conversation rate and lead will improve definitively with digital marketing.

-> With Digital marketing, you will get bigger and broader exposure to the global market, where you can improve your brand presence and ranking.

-> Quick and precise audience engagement, you can directly get reviews and feedback ad to solve their issues without third-party inventions.

-> You will focus on key prospects and individuals that are more interested in your offerings

-> Digital marketing allows you to personalize your campaigns, channels, and methods to meet the evolving market.

Digital Marketing Types!

Digital marketing is like an ocean with numerous services, and many have been used broadly over the years, and the result from those services is satisfactory. Let’s go through some of the crowned digital marketing tactics that digital marketers are used to:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO consists of optimizing the content, technical, on and off-page setup, and engagement and traffic of your website to enhance your website’s appearance at the pinnacle of a search engine result page. Three major SEO types are:

  • On-page SEO – On-page SEO refers to the content that exists “on the page” of a website. It starts with researching keywords, their search volume, and intent to ensure seamless optimization to improve their rankings on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

  • Off-page SEO – Off-page SEO refers to the content-related activities that happen “off the page” when looking at a website. It involves networking with other publishers and writing guest posts to link to your website to earn the backlinks to increase your website rank on the SERPs.

  • Technical SEO – Technical SEO focuses on the backend, such as image compression, coding and data structure, and your website’s CSS file.

Content Marketing

Content marketing refers to the overall procedure of creating, editing, and optimizing content writers create and SEO publish on your webpage and social media. The primary purpose of effective content writing is to educate the audience and generate brand awareness. Three significant forms of content writing are:

  • Blog/Article Writing – Writing and publishing long-term content on a website’s blog section to demonstrate industry expertise and viewpoints on specific topics or subjects. Blogs are a great form of generating organic search traffic.

  • Ebooks/Infographics & Whitepapers – Short and precise content forms with various sections and pinpoints segments. Ebooks, infographics, and whitepapers are great resources for lead generation.

  • Audio & Visual Content – This segment mainly involves scripts, subtitles, and ad content you heard or saw during videos or while listening to music.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing promotes your brand’s product and services on various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more to increase brand awareness, drive traffic, and generate leads comprehensively.

It also helps you directly connect with your audience/customers to chat and take feedback and reviews about your products and services. 

Pay Per Click (PPC)

“PPC or Pay Per Click is a traffic driving method to a website by paying a publisher every time they click your ad. Google Ads is one of the most common types and widely used PPC methods that allows you to pay for top positions on Google’s search engine results pages at a “per click” price of the links you place.”

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a far more effective and better medium of communication between brand and their audiences. It is often used to promote content, share ongoing sale discounts, or sometimes for an event invitation. Moreover, Email marketing is a comprehensive way to direct audiences toward the primary website.”

Roles & Responsibilities of Digital Marketers!

The digital marketing industry is multiplying with each innovation and demand. It incorporates numerous jobs and roles that contrast high-end skillsets and characteristics. Some of the prominent digital marketing roles include:

SEO Manager

Search Engine Optimization, in short, SEO Manager handles the overall optimization process of the search engine (blog/page rankings, link building).

An SEO manager ensures deep-end analysis of your website’s performance and landing pages and prepares the overall SEO strategy with the help of SEO executives and content creators.

An SEO manager’s primary purpose or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is to bring organic traffic to enhance page engagement and brand visibility.

Content Writer

Content writers or marketing specialists are popularly known as digital content creators. Their primary job is to keep track of the company’s blogging and social media postings calendar and develop a high-performing content strategy that includes video scripts, long articles, ad copy content, and social media captions.

Content creators work with the designing team and SEOs to create unique and eye-catching content that performs well and goes well with the subject.

Social Media Manager

The preeminent responsibility of a social media manager is to manage the entire social media calendar, including ads, profiles, and user engagement.

A social media manager works with content creators to develop a result-driven content strategy for the best possible result.

A Social Media Manager’s primary purpose or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is to increase the number of followers, generate brand impressions and encourage the audience to share posts in enormous numbers for better brand visibility.

Lead Generation Specialist

A Lead Generation Specialist’s primary purpose or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is to generate new leads for the business and increase the people’s number in the sales funnel, whether by managing an outbound strategy or dealing with inbound queries.

PPC Specialist

A PPC or Pay Per Click Specialist manages pay-per-click advertising campaigns, including overseeing budget and spending, tracking performance, and recommending new approaches. They use their expertise to maximize the results of companies’ entire PPC campaigns.

Marketing Automation Coordinator

A marketing automation coordinator tends to manage the software used by the whole marketing team to understand the company’s customers’ behavior and measure their business growth.

A Marketing Automation Coordinator’s primary purpose or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is to enhance high-end email open rate, campaign click-through rate, and conversation rate.

How to Conduct a Successful Digital Marketing Program?

For a successful Digital Marketing program, consider the following method:

Determine Your Goal – It is a no-brainer that defining or specifying your primary goal will help you better organize your overall plan and measurements. It opens up your thought process and helps you identify the right tools and procedures to achieve the target.

Classify Your Target Audience – Digital marketing does one thing great, and that is helping brands determine their target audience. Once brands know to whom they are making the products and offering services, it becomes easy for them to work on their strategy and budget. 

Specify a budget – Yu are clear about your milestone and the audience base you are targeting. Now it’s time to bring the price list. Budget setup is essential as it gives you a brief about your spending and the return it will generate in a specific period. Be specific about your budget; if you find it challenging, ask for expert help. 

Maintain a balance between free & paid strategies – Digital marketing comes with free and paid segments. You must be aware of those factors and use them accordingly to get convenient results. Anything that you overdo will lead you to backlash.

Create engaging & effective content – Contents are vital in improving website ranking. Moreover, it brings organic traffic. So focus on creating impactful and engaging content with the proper density keywords.

Analyze and measure your strategies – you are now entering the digital marketing segments based more on technical prospects than fundamentals. Many tools are available to help determine the correct measurement and proper analysis of your strategies. 

Make changes for improvements –  Last and most importantly, stay alert for last-minute changes, as Google will play hide and seek with you with its regular algorithm updates. It is evident that you stay calm and work on those changes to see improvements in the results.

Bottom Line

So this is a wrap-up from our side regarding digital marketing and its benefits in today’s brand evaluation. Many brands, irrespective of size and capacity, have already adopted it as their primary marketing strategy and are doing it regularly for convenient results.

If you belong to those firms doing digital marketing but are satisfied with the outcome, we welcome you onboard. And suppose you are one of those who just started your digital journey and are considering it for brand promotions and improvements.

In that case, we suggest you join hands with us with Metizosft Solution – your one-stop digital marketing partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by Digital Marketing Strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is nothing but creating and executing a marketing plan to achieve specific goals that are fruitful for a business and company.

It includes planning major digital marketing segments such as social media, PPC, content creation, and SEO for a specific period.

Why do I need Digital Marketing?

It’s a competitive business world currently running on digital platforms. And in this rapidly growing digital world, your business will be left behind for nothing if you don’t use advanced methodologies and marketing strategies.

At least in digital marketing, you will create more opportunities and chances to overgrow your competitors in some segments.

So digital marketing is not an option as it has become a primary asset for online business.

What do you mean by a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency is an organization or firm that does exclusive online marketing in digital channels.

It includes SEO, Social media, website development, and optimization, creating and launching campaigns for corporate clients through social media, pay-per-click advertising, etc.

What skills do you need to become a Digital Marketer?

It highly depends on what job role within digital marketing attracts you more. Suppose you are good with calculation, analysis, and R&D.

In that case, SEO is the best profile, or if you have a solid grip over the alphabet and vocabulary, you can become a content writer.

You can become a social media manager if you possess solid humor and creativity. It all depends on your interest, skill, and practice.

Can you explain Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing refers to marketing that occurs solely on the internet and varies from digital marketing, including marketing on social media sites and mobile apps alongside websites.

Internet marketing campaigns take place on smartphones, digital devices, and other platforms.

How to Create Multiple Maps in Shopify Stores?

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multiple maps in Shopify stores

With every technological upgrade and invention, the global ECommerce market is blooming each second. And why not? In the era of smart devices, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet, if you aim for global customer engagement, then websites and online stores become a must-have option.

People are smarter these days and understand these terms and their importance. And if they won’t, Shopify’s user base wouldn’t have multiplied rapidly in the last couple of years.

ECommerce stores are a great source of buying a plethora of products worldwide without troubling the wheels and shop owners. Of course, many vital prospects and technical methods involve SEO, APIs, Ad promotion, and all to set up a full-fledged ECommerce website.

But you also have experts ready to help you overcome those obstacles and increase your website’s performance and ranking on search engines.

Out of many, one of the most understated yet critical components of the above segments is adding/creating the correct store map in your Shopify store. Adding the right information and direction module for your store’s multiple locations and utilizing it to drive traffic ensures your store’s high-end compatibility.

This blog is a step-by-step guide on adding multiple maps to your Shopify store in these three magnificent ways quickly and efficiently.

So here we go with the three best ways of adding multiple stores in Shopify:

Three highly recommended ways to add multiple stores to your Shopify store!

You can include a Google Map to your ECommerce site on Shopify without any professional help with the following three different ways:

Embedded Google Map

Is there anything related to an application or website that Google is not related to or owns? Google Maps is easy and probably the default choice to embed a map view to your website. You can use this option in your Shopify store; believe me, it’s simple, like boiling a glass r bow of water. All you have to do is:

  1. Get to Google Maps and log in to your Google account.
  2. Search for your physical store location on the map.
  3. Activate the “Share” button (A sharing options box will open)
  4. Click/tick on the “embed a map” option.
  5. Select your mapping view size/dimensions and copy the source code.
  6. Redirect to your Shopify store and open the page’s HTML source code where you wish to add the map.
  7. Ctril+V you just copied into the HTML.
  8. Save and reload the page to check whether it uploaded correctly.

Using Google Map APIs:

Google Map API keys are the second most preferred option to add a Google Map to your Shopify store. But it could be a little complex mapping solution, requiring more than essential coding experience. Still, here are the steps:

To Get Your API Key

  1. Register for complete access to Google Maps Platform and “Get Started.”
  2. Choose an active API compatible with the free themes map section (Maps, Routes, and Places products).
  3. Click on the “Continue” button.
  4. Either create a project from scratch or select an existing one.
  5. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, click “Next.”
  6. Create/open a billing account.
  7. After enabling your account, copy your Google Maps API to your clipboard.

Now, let’s move to Add the Google maps API to Shopify:

  1. Open your Shopify Admin dashboard, and select Online Stores -> Themes.
  2. Search the appropriate page’s theme and click on “Customize.”
  3. Select “Add section.”
  4. Select a “Map.”
  5. Enter all the information of your multiple physical stores in for your map.
  6. Paste your Google Maps API key in the relevant field.
  7. Click on “Save.”

Using a Store Locator App:

A Store Locator App is an advanced tool that allows you to add map interfaces or information to any website comprehensively. It’s an easier option than any other preferred one. Also, it ensures accurate analysis and optimization to help customers find the exact location of a store.

Many Store Locator Apps are available, designed, and developed by various enterprises and Shopify partners. However, I recommend you give it a try to our Shopify Store Locator App, named MSPL Store Locator.

MSPL Store Locater

The MSPL Store Locator is one of our greatest inventions. This Shopify Store Locator is:

-> Easy to install

-> Comes with a seven days free trial including all features for you to test and conclude its usage

-> Easy search filters, bulk uploading with real-time edit, update, customize and optimize option

-> Comes with advanced integrated analytics and store performance monitor tool

-> Seamless switching between map, satellite, and Google Street view 360

You don’t need manual guidance or assistance to get used to its usage. It is very simple and easy to understand, and most importantly, you won’t have to do any coding or follow any complex procedure to get the job done.

Bottom Line

The MSPL Store Locator App by Metizsoft Solution allows you to enhance the highly scalable and customizable solution to help customers find your store quickly without hassle. Irrespective of the traffic volume (Big or Small), our store locator works seamlessly without mishaps.

It has an easy-to-use interface that includes rich features in the back end, ensuring high performance and security. We are a certified Shopify partner where you can get best-in-class, customized Shopify App development solutions on demand.

5 Tips to Prepare your Hero Home Page for the Upcoming Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

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As we know that Black Friday & Cyber Monday are around the corner, it is time to prepare your Shopify store for these days. It is known that Black Friday & Cyber Monday are great opportunities for your eCommerce business to make money and earn great profits.

Every year, shoppers spend billions throughout the two-day event at businesses of all sizes. This is going to be the year’s biggest shopping weekend, so it’s time for you to gear up and start preparing for this event with all your efforts.

Now is the right time to start planning to achieve whatever you are looking forward to in these two days.

So, Let’s go through this checklist that will help you to prepare for a breakthrough Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Let’s begin!

1 – Create banners and hero images for the holiday sale

There is no better way to promote your holiday sales than by creating gorgeous banners with graphics and visuals. You can use these banners to boost your holiday sales.

holiday sales banner update

Moreover, you can also change the header/hero image of your homepage for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. This tip can help you in attracting customers, and ultimately, in increasing sales.

2 – Highlight your top collection on your home page

At times of events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you must highlight your top collection or festive collection on your home page.

highlight top collection

This will influence the customers to buy those products and even check out more similar products from your store. This is a great way to make more sales and influence the customers to check other products as well.

3 – Think mobile-first

It’s the age of mobile and mobile applications, and therefore, mobile-first should be the strategy. Last year there were more mobile purchases than desktop purchases, which suggests that this trend is going to continue and rule this year as well. As a Shopify store owner, mobile-first should be your priority.

mobile first

You should check the user experience of your store on mobile and how responsive your store is. If you want to make it big, test how your store looks and works on mobile and work on it if there are any loopholes.

4 – Improve your store’s navigation

The navigation of your website plays an important role in the overall shopping experience of the customers. Proper website navigation helps customers to move from one web page to another quickly without much hassle and confusion.

store nevigation

Navigation is also important for customers to easily find what they’re looking for in the store. During such events, it’s important to check and improve your site’s navigation for increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.

5 – Build in scarcity, if possible. Play with time and win!

Nothing’s better than building scarcity among the customers before the event starts. When you make something rare or time-limited, its value increases, and it attracts the customers’ attention.

play and win

You can also put a timer for purchase countdowns on your store to catch the customers’ attention. For example, “24 hours to go for the Black Friday sale”, etc. This can help you gain more customers and build curiosity among them before the actual sale begins.

We hope you have a successful Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

Preparing, planning, and starting earlier are the keys to a successful Black Friday & Cyber Monday. These were some of the tips you can follow before the biggest shopping festival of the year begins. Gear up for it and start planning today to make the most out of this shopping festival.

For more details and clarification on the tips, you can contact our Shopify experts. Metizsoft Solutions is a leading Shopify store development company, and we can help you make the most out of these two-day sales, which will help you earn more profits.

We hope this list of tips helps you and put you in a better position to succeed this holiday season. Have a successful holiday season, guys!

Here are the Top 10 Shopify Apps that you Must have for the Upcoming BFCM Sale 2022.

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Top 10 Shopify Apps For Upcoming BFCM Sale 2020_850

As we know, the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale is around the corner, and the preparations for the biggest shopping festival of the year are going on in full swing. Such shopping festivals are all about opportunity, an opportunity to sell more and grow more. All the Shopify store owners must take full advantage of this festival and start preparing and finding out ways to increase their sales.

The two-day shopping festival is a great opportunity for you to make sales and earn huge profits. So, grab this opportunity at the earliest and make the most out of it.

In this blog, we have included the top ten Shopify apps that you must-have for the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale. These apps are going to help you with email campaigns, SMS campaigns, push notifications, and much more.

Let’s see which these apps are and how they are going to make this shopping festival a memorable one for you.

1 – Reconvert Upsell & Cross-Sell 

Post-sale services are essential for a business. ReConvert is a simple and powerful app for thank you page optimization.


It allows you to customize your thank you page fully and easily with a drag and drop interface. To create a perfect converting thank you page, use ReConvert’s unique built-in widgets.

2 – Klaviyo – Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a Shopify app that works as marketing software and helps in the growth of your business. Klaviyo allows the business to create memorable experiences across all the marketing channels such as emails, SMS, web, and in-app notifications.


eCommerce brands switching to Klaviyo see a significant increase in their ROI. Thus, this is an excellent app for the marketing of your business.

3 – Loox- Photo Reviews

Loox is used by many Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants who use Loox to collect beautiful reviews with photos and helps in boosting the conversion with social proof that merely looks great.


The product reviews are the best way to win visitors’ trust. Thus, you can use Loox reviews to collect photo reviews, build strong trust, and increase your sales.

4 – SMS Bump SMS+ MMS Marketing

This is a text marketing app for Shopify. This is Shopify’s most loved and used the app for SMS marketing and automation. Hundreds of Shopify merchants are growing their SMS marketing with the help of SMS bump.


It just takes a few minutes to set this app. This shopping season create sophisticated SMS/MMS flows and earn huge sales.

5 – Showcase- Shop Instagram

Instagram is surely the most popular apps globally. Now with the help of this app, you can turn your Instagram content into shoppable galleries for your online store. With the use of this app, your customers can shop directly from your Instagram posts.


This app lets you tag products that are featured in your Instagram posts, which creates a shoppable gallery. Use this app and make your Instagram followers your customers. This app is going to help you a lot in the upcoming Black Friday Cyber Monday sale.

6 – Easy Free Shipping Bar

This Shopify app offers free shipping to increase your average revenue. If you like to display buttons like “free shipping” on discounted products, an easy shipping bar will provide an ideal solution to boost your sales and increase sales.


This app is the one you need for the upcoming Black Friday Cyber Monday shopping festival. It will help you boost the sales, and you will earn huge profits during the shopping festival.

So, be prepared for the shopping festival with this app and make your mark.

7 – Store Locator App by Metizsoft

This is a user-friendly store locator app by Metizsoft, which helps the customers in finding the nearby store without any difficulty. It is a scalable and customizable solution that allows the customers to find your store. Check out this app by Metizsoft loaded with astonishing features.


This app is going to be a massive help in the shopping season as it will help the customers to find your store and reach there easily. The more customers you attract, the more will be the sales, so check out this app today.

8 – Countdown Sales Timer Find-it

With this Shopify app, you can create real-time urgency and supercharge your sales. This Shopify app allows you to quickly and easily add a real-time countdown bar to create urgency and help you in increasing the sales.


This app is primarily built to motivate shoppers to buy more from your store. Adding urgency to your sales is one of the best ways to drive conversations. Hence, this is going to be helpful to you during the upcoming sale.

9 – PushOwl Web Push Notification

PushOwl is the highest rated web push notification app by Shopify. It helps in recovering an order which doesn’t require personal information such as email address or phone number. With the help of this app, you can reach your subscribers with an automatic sequence of push notifications that brings them back to their cart.


This is a great app and offers many interactive features that can help you recover the abandoned cart and enable the businesses to scale with impressive push campaigns. Try out this app for the upcoming Black Friday Cyber Monday sales and make the most out of it.

10 – Recart FB messenger Marketing

This is the number 1 Messenger app for Shopify. Recart is built by eCommerce merchants to help you increase sales with Messenger marketing.


Messenger marketing is growing at a high pace because of its engagement rates. It comes with a 28-day free trial. Build your best marketing list with the react messenger tool and rule this shopping festival like a boss.

We hope you all have a successful and profitable BFCM sale this year.

These were the top 10 Shopify apps that can help you to make this shopping season memorable and profitable for you. So, download these apps if you haven’t already. The Black Friday Cyber Monday sale is approaching, and this is the time to prepare for the sale to make the most profits out of it.

The apps mentioned above can help you grow your business manifolds. We hope these apps will be beneficial for you in the upcoming biggest sale of the year. (Metizsoft Solutions Private Limited)

Drive More Sales with Amazing Collection Page with Effective Filters for the Upcoming BFCM Sale 2022

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Welcome to the Shopify BFCM series 2022. In the previous two blogs, we discussed about top 10 Shopify apps for the upcoming BFCM sale and 5 tips to prepare Shopify hero home page for the sale. Now let’s see what this blog has to offer.

As we know, the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale is around the corner, and it is high time to start preparing for the biggest sale of the year by hook or crook. During the time of sale, filtering at the collection page of the store can be a great way to help the shoppers focus on products that meet their requirements.

It is important to organize the collection page of the store with necessary features to drive more sales.

At the time of sale, many shoppers procrastinate the shopping till the very end, and during such time, having an organized collection page will benefit the store as well as the shoppers.

With the help of a systematic and organized collection page, the customers can accurately find the products that they are looking for.

It’s important to have an organized and excellent collection page while preparing for the upcoming BFCM sale.

What is a collection page?

A collection page is a part of your store that lists the products within a collection. The collection page includes product images with product titles, prices, and vendors. Collections are significant to gather similar products together.

A collection page of the store should have the following three things to make it easy for the shoppers who have procrastinated the shopping to buy the products they want.

  • A wish list for the selected items
  • Quick View or quick shop option
  • Smart filters for desired results

Smart wish list for the selected items

You should have a wish list in your store in which the users can add the products they like to buy later. The wish list is like the basket we use in physical stores.

The shoppers can add their products to the wishlist and can purchase those products later. This helps them in keeping a list of products they are interested in buying.

Quick View and Quick Shop

Quick View is a Shopify tool which allows the shoppers a quick preview of the products from its respective category listing. This tool helps in saving their time when navigating your store. This tool enables the shoppers to view the product details on a collection page without refreshing the page.

This tool will not only reduce the shopping time of the shoppers but also bring significant experience to shoppers. The products saved in the quick View can also be added to the cart via the pop-up.

The quick shop is a feature that lets the shoppers add the product directly to the cart with just a single click. The shopper can further buy those products from the cart without much hassle.

Smart and useful filters for the store

You can add multiple Shopify product filters app to your store. There are different filters with all sorts of filter options to each collection page or search result page. These filters help shoppers in finding the products they want without much difficulty.

Some critical filters that you can add on your collection page are

  • Price – You can set the price range of the product, and then all the products under that range will appear.


  • Color Options – you can apply the color filter, and all the products of that particular color will appear.


  • Size & Style – You can choose the size and type of products, and those products will appear.


  • Brands – You can buy the products of your favourite brand by choosing the product by its brand name


  • Age & Gender – You can choose your age and gender, and all the suitable products will appear.


  • Discount Sale – You can add these filters on your collection page to find the products via discount sale.


These were some of the Shopify product filter app that you can add on the collection page of your store to make it convenient for the shoppers to shop from your store during the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale.

Get the Shopify product filter app and add it to your Shopify store and get the maximum benefit of this tool during the upcoming sale. You can use these tools for a start 14-days free trial and decide for yourself. Start preparing for the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale because it’s high time now!

Recall your Customers by Offering Attractive Discounts in the Upcoming BFCM Sales 2022.

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Welcome back to the Shopify BFCM series 2022. Till now we have come up with three episodes to help you prepare for the upcoming BFCM shopping sale, 2022.

In the first episode, we discussed about the tips to prepare your Shopify hero home page for the sale. In the second episode, we shared 10 Shopify apps for the upcoming BFCM sale. In the third episode, we shared how to drive more sales with an organized collection page with Effective Filters.

Now, we are back with the fourth episode of the series. Let’s have a look at this one and see how useful it turns out to be for you.

Everyone is preparing for the upcoming BFCM sale 2022 and trying to make this sale a memorable one. Every business owner and the merchant’s primary goal is to grow their sales during this sale season. We are getting closer to the sale, and therefore, we should plan and prepare accordingly.

A great way to attract more customers and grow your sales during the sale season is by recalling your customers to make the sale by offering attractive deals and discounts to them.

Look at all the products and plan your deals and discounts in advance instead of putting a sale last minute. Providing great offers and discounts to your customers on sale is a strategic move to grow your sales and gain customer loyalty.

With the help of these discounts and offers, your shop will be more vibrant and lively, and you will  take full benefit of this sale season. Customers will buy more when they across innovative discounts and offers. Such discounts and offers have always helped the online stores in earning high profits.

One thing to make sure is that you can’t provide offers and discounts on any product. Instead, every offer, discount, and deals should be well-calculated so that it doesn’t affect your overall profit margin.

You can choose the products you want to run a holiday sale on and schedule their start and end date. This way, when the sale season comes closer, you can offer these discounts instead of scrambling at the last minute. You can also find help in the Shopify App store to make scheduling sales easy.

There are various discounts and deals that the owners and merchants can use to recall their customers such as

  • Percentage discounts such as 10% or 20% off on selected products
  • Discounts or coupon codes on a certain amount.
  • Buy one get one free offer
  • Value-based discounts
  • Multi-buys offer
  • Free shipping on orders
  • Free gifts and vouchers etc.
  • Upsell and cross-sell for more sales
  • Promotion message or banner displayed on the cart page.

When you offer discounts on the products, make sure to provide shareable discount links to make it easier for your customers to redeem the discounts and boost conversions.

As the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale is approaching, it is better to calculate the product discounts and send emails to your customers to let them know about what’s to come.

You can also post about discounts, offers, and deals on your social media. Email and social media marketing will build curiosity in the customers and encourage them to visit your store and benefit from the discounts at the earliest.

So, now is the time to begin! The sooner you start this, the more people will know about it, the more it will help you increase sales during the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale.

Attract More Customers in the Upcoming BFCM Sale with Captivating Social Media Ads!

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The BFCM shopping sale 2022 is just around the corner now, and we know you are preparing for it in full swing. Every store owner will try to make the most out of this sale and earn huge profits throughout the sale. It will be the biggest shopping sale of the year, and it’s an excellent time for the store owners to put their best efforts into making this sale a profitable one.

There are many ways to attract customers in the BFCM sale, and one such way is social media ads. Social media ads do wonders in attracting customers to your store and encouraging them to make purchases.

What exactly is social media advertising?

Social media advertising or social media marketing is the advertisements served to users on social media platforms. As we know, the number of mobile phone users is continuously rising, and with that, people are using various social media platforms actively.

These social media platforms utilize the information to serve highly relevant advertisements based on interactions. Several social media platforms are great for advertising and reaching loyal customers.

We will talk about some of the popular platforms for social media marketing that will benefit you greatly in earning profits during the sale.

1. Instagram Advertising

Who doesn’t know the popular social media platform Instagram? Instagram has become a magnet for millions of monthly users. It has become the most popular platform after Facebook. Ever since Instagram announced the support of business ads, millions of brands have taken advantage of it to boost their sales and earn huge profits.

The launch of Instagram ads lets the business take total control over the promo campaigns. Instagram has become a popular platform for not just sharing photos and videos but for promoting and advertising brands. Businesses can launch their Instagram ads, and the users will visit their website through the post. Instagram business tools have benefited a lot of big and small brands in the past few years.

Don’t forget to advertise your brand and products through Instagram advertising to make the best out of the BFCM sale 2022.

2. Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the biggest and most popular platform in the social media world. It has millions of active users and the majority of the logs are in several times and spends a lot of time every day on this platform. Facebook connects people, but it’s not just for making friends and socializing with each other.

Facebook is a great app for social media advertising. It is one of the best marketing tools for any business that wants to go online to promote its brand, its products, and its services.

For the upcoming BFCM sale, promoting your brand and products on Facebook will help you attract customers and earn huge profits. Prepare yourself to advertise the products by first creating a Facebook page (if you don’t have one). Facebook Ads are a highly effective marketing tactic for businesses looking to boost their sales.

Subscribe to Facebook Ads before the BFCM sale begins and attract customers to buy from your online store. This is the right time to advertise your brand on Facebook, so start your Facebook advertising today.

3. Google Ads

Google ads are a great advertising platform developed by Google. In Google Ads, advertisers bid to display their advertisements, service offerings, product listings, and much more. Google smart technology analyzes the results of advertising and makes changes to the campaign to get the best results.

Store owners can use google ads for advertising their brands for the BFCM sale and benefiting from it. Google is one of the best platforms for finding the target audience and reaching ideal customers. Thus, start advertising your brand on Google ads and attract new customers for the BFCM sale 2022.

How to monitor your Ad’s performance?

Once your campaign is live and you start advertising your products, you should analyze your campaign’s data and track essential metrics. Analyzing your advertising campaign will give you an understanding of your Ads’ performance.

Facebook has many tools to help you measure how your Ads are doing and how people have come across the ad. There is also a specific conversion pixel that lets you track the checkouts that came from Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads are a fantastic way to reach out to the targeted audience and encourage them to visit your store and boost sales for your business. This sale season, prepare your brand for Facebook advertising and earn profits like a boss!


The above-mentioned social media marketing platforms are quite famous and well-known. There’s a high possibility of getting a lot of customers with social media advertising and marketing. You have a golden opportunity to earn huge profits with powerful and effective social media advertising in front of you.

So, what are you waiting for? Begin your social media advertising campaign now, and make this shopping sale a memorable one. We wish you all the luck and a tremendous BFCM shopping sale in 2022.

Here’s the Shopify checklist before the Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale begins!

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Shopify Checklist 2021

As we know, the BFCM sale is approaching, and all the businessmen are quite excited about it. It’s time to check if you are ready for the sale. It’s time to make sure that you have prepared well before the sale begins. This BFCM sale 2022 is the biggest sale of the year, and a lot of shoppers wait for this sale throughout the year, so don’t miss the chance to make money with your eCommerce business.

Shopify brought more than one million sales during the BFCM sale last year, and similarly, this year is going to be the same. Without wasting much time, you must look into the small things and work on it to increase your sales this year.

If you want to hit the jackpot during the upcoming shopping weekend, you’d better start forging right now.

So, here are the most important things/tips to keep in mind before the sale begins.

Read on to know what you need to focus on and how to improve it for the most profitable BFCM sale in 2022

1. Mobile-First is the Right Strategy

Mobile-first is the right strategy for the BFCM sale. Mobile phones have become a part of everyone’s lives as more and more people are using mobile phones these days. People shop the most on their mobile phones, and it’s going to be the same in the BFCM sale 2022 as well.

mobile first

There is going to be more mobile shopping than desktop shopping, and therefore, to get the most profit, mobile-first is the strategy the business owners should go for.

2. Assess your Checkout Experience

Accessing your checkout experience matters the most for the overall profit of your business. You have worked hard to attract customers, but if the customers leave your site without making a purchase, all your efforts will go in vain. Your eCommerce store’s success depends on how many sales you drive, not on how many people are visiting your store.

checkout experience

Thus, if you can boost your checkout completion rate by even five or ten percent, you can make a notable difference in your store’s overall sales. Make your checkout as simple as possible

3. Test your Site and Get Feedback

Testing your site before the sale is going to be hugely helpful. Test your site and get feedback before the sale to know what is lacking in the site. Get feedback from the customers about your site to ensure that the site is ready for sale.

Get Feedback

If your site isn’t prepared and has issues, it will affect the sales during the BFCM sale. So, it’s better to test your site in advance and resolve if there are any issues.

4. Make Sure to Provide Prompt and Personal Support

Shoppers feel satisfied and happy with the purchase if they are provided prompt and personal support by the customer support team. BFCM is a hectic time for both the shoppers and the merchants.

If you want to get more profit, it is necessary to keep a quick support time and provide polite customer service. The support team should resolve the queries of the buyers and contribute to a more friendly service without making ignoring them.

personal support

Remember to treat your customers with respect, as doing this will satisfy the customers and bring them back to your store again.

5. Create Hype among the Customers for the Sale

Create some noise about the sale before the sale begins. Create excitement among the customers by sending them emails about the sale, the offers and deals you will offer, and post previews on your social media accounts.

Create a hype

The more you create excitement among the customers, the more they will look forward to your store during the sale. The sooner you start the enticements, the more excited your customers will get before the BFCM sale.

6. Ensure that your Website can handle the Increase in Traffic

During the sale season, such as BFCM, there will be an increase in the traffic your store gets. To tackle the rise in traffic, marketing analytics is a useful tool, but you may still need an optional user-tracing instrument.

website traffic

This tool will bring together all the details during the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale. The Shopify app stores offer applications and other analytical tools that you can use to handle the increase in traffic.

7. Prepare a Plan in case of an Emergency

Make sure to have a plan in case anything goes wrong during the BFCM sale. You should be ready for the worst-case scenario and create a plan for the emergency. Since it’s a BFCM sale, you can’t afford loopholes in anything. To make the most out of this sale, create a plan in advance. When you have a plan, everything becomes much more accessible and under control, and you can resolve the issues (if you come across any)

These were some of the final tips that you need to check before the sale begins. Make sure you are well prepared and ready to conquer the BFCM sale 2022. We hope this final checklist turns out to help you make this year’s sale a memorable one for you.

It’s high time to ensure that you are ready for the sale, so prepare well and make this sale memorable. All the best to all the store owners out there have a fantastic BFCM sale 2022.