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Best Android App Development Tools For 2021: SDKs, Framework & Libraries.

The ongoing internet usage has reached 4.66 billion active users worldwide in 2021, with around 625 million active users in India. Moreover, a vast amount of mobile app has been developed during pandemic-2020-21.

There is tough competition between Google’s Android and iOS; however, Android SDKs is leading the mobile operating system worldwide and is expected to hit close to 73% in the mobile operating system market.

Note – Android 12 is soon releasing in August 2021.

What is Android Mobile Operating System?

Android platform has been the most significant evolution since 2007 in the smartphone OS market. Google introduced us to Android, an open-source operating system that became highly popular in the new era of mobile computing.

The Android operating system is written in Linux kernel, which is made in C++ and Java programming language, primarily designed for touch screen mobile devices and tablets.

What is an Android App Library?

The Android library displays all the apps of open-source software that you have created. Moreover, SDK includes a comprehensive set of development tools, including software libraries.

What is an Android Framework?

Android framework is a set of Application Programming Interface-API consisting of tools like text field, images, phone control, and media players that allow two applications to talk to each other.

Android home screens are typically made of icons and widgets. Therefore, we can say that besides the android app library and Android run-time, there is an Android Framework that provides a lot of classes and interfaces for the Android application platform.

Proven Reasons for Android Framework for App Development

Android’s operating system has become the most popular operating system defeating many leaders and players globally, like Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Android will remain the leader, giving severe competition.

Many companies/organizations and known brands prefer Android as the ideal choice because it is highly customizable and provides valuable information.

Moreover, the Android framework has many integrated tools that enhance efficiency and make the development process fast.

Metozsoft Solutions is the top Android App Development company in India, offering professionals services in the best Android Framework and Android App development SDKs to satisfy our client’s technological needs.

Moreover, below in this article, I will take to a drive on- Best Android App Development SDKs and Android Framework-2021.

Android Framework Use for Android App Development 2021

Technology is going to dominate the world with the use of ML, AI, and VR. The amount of mobile app and internet users has surged by 47 million between 2020-21.

Moreover, Android technology is moving too fast and still has a long way to go. The superior technology has dominated the mobile operating market and has captured around 75% of the market.

Marketers need to stand on top of the current trends, and here are some best Android frameworks for App Development for 2021.

Android SDK

Kotlin supports Android mobile development in improving compiler performance and build speed. Kotlin is a modern cross-platform and safe-concise programming language.

The language has first-class features like extensions functions, null safety, and Lambda expressions. Therefore, the platform is a great choice.


The application has the best hot-reload functionality that is written in purely object-oriented reactive programming language-Dart. The language is relatively simple and highly efficient, which is used to code Flutter apps.

Flutter simplifies the cross development process, and Flutter SDK is used for crafting beautiful websites. Flutter was introduced in 2017, and since then, there are more than 50,000 Flutter apps on Google Play.

Moreover, the latest version- 2.2 has been realized in May 2021.

React Native

React Native, created by Facebook, is the third most popular cross-platform mobile app development framework after Android and iOS and is regarded as the leading cross-platform SDK.

This open-source mobile application (RN) came into the market in 2013, and since then, it became the most popular JavaScript-based mobile app framework.

The application has a bright future and is considered a ready-made solution.

Libraries for Android App Development

The Android Libraries include almost everything like source code, resource code, app-building resource, and Android manifest.

As the Android framework is rapidly growing, there is a unique and superior list on Android Libraries-2021.

Moreover, the number of libraries is proportional to the increase in the Android community.


This library is a fully static and time dependency injection framework for both Java and Android that works based on annotations. However, Hilt, on the other is a dependency injection library for Android.


This is a DI (Dependency Framework) developed on Kotlin. The framework is very light-weighted that supports Kotlin DSL features and popular serialization libraries.


This library is an HTTP library developed by Google which supports the scheduling of network requests. Most importantly, it makes the networking of Android apps more easy and fast.

It has a Transparent Disk available on GitHub, a provider of internet hosting.


This is an instant video processing and animated GIFs platform easy to fetch, load, use, and cache. This is an Image Loader Library for Android, which provides a flexible API that works conveniently using scripts.

The technology provides access to logging and data time functions.


It is popularly known as a type-safe HTTP client for Android and Java. This Android library provides a robust framework for interacting with APIs, body headers, etc.

The library offers an Rx module which is an extension and can be used in Android Environment.

So, these Android Libraries are the game changers that help to create an app with performance and user experience.

Android App Development company

Technology has morphed into a big picture now. Today, every small or large enterprise includes mobile applications in their business strategies as a digital space. More than 3 million apps are available on Google Play Store for download.

As we know, that Android app development tools library, Android SDKs and framework is the most popular smartphone operating system currently, and Metizsoft Solutions is one of the best Android App Development company, India with earlier adoption of newer technologies.

We have expert android developers team for hire, that focus on quality, performance, and designs and ensures the full mobile potential of your business is realized.

Therefore, get in touch with the leading mobile app development experts.

Best Android App Development Tools For 2021: SDKs, Framework & Libraries.

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